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Dependency level 1 (build logs RC bugs)amd64arm64armelarmhfi386mips64elppc64elriscv64s390x
golang-github-mendersoftware-mender-artifact[build logs] (3.9.0+ds1-1)
lintian-brush (sid only)[build logs] (0.152)
ocaml-cohttp (sid only)[build logs] (5.3.0-1)
openssl[build logs] (3.2.1-3) [ma:same]
rust-cargo-c[build logs] (0.9.19-2) [ma:same]
rust-cargo-outdated[build logs] (0.14.0-2)
rust-condure[build logs] (1.10.0-4)
rust-debcargo[build logs] (2.6.1-5) [ma:same]
rust-drt-tools[build logs] (0.2.21-1)
rust-ripasso-cursive (sid only)[build logs] (0.6.5-1)
rust-sequoia-chameleon-gnupg[build logs] (0.8.0-4)
rust-sequoia-sq[build logs] (0.33.0-3)
rust-sequoia-wot[build logs] (0.11.0-1) [ma:same]
rust-tealdeer[build logs] (1.6.1-4)
rustup (sid only)[build logs] (1.26.0-5) [ma:same]
sccache[build logs] (0.7.7-2)
Dependency level 2 (build logs RC bugs)amd64arm64armelarmhfi386mips64elppc64elriscv64s390x
accel-config[build logs] (4.1.6-1) [ma:same]
ace[build logs] (7.1.2+dfsg-2.1)
alsa-scarlett-gui (sid only)[build logs] (0.4.0-1)
argyll[build logs] (3.1.0+repack-1)
arm-trusted-firmware[build logs] (2.10.0+dfsg-1)
atheme-services (sid only)[build logs] (7.2.12-1)
autofdo[build logs] (0.19-3)
aws-crt-python[build logs] (0.20.4+dfsg-1)
axel[build logs] (2.17.13-1)
azure-uamqp-python[build logs] (1.6.9-2)
barada-pam[build logs] (0.5-3.3)
bip[build logs] (0.9.3-1)
borgbackup[build logs] (1.2.7-2)
borgbackup2[build logs] (2.0.0b8-2)
boxbackup[build logs] (0.13~~git20231028.g3dd5194+ds-2)
bruteforce-salted-openssl[build logs] (1.4.2-4)
bruteforce-wallet[build logs] (1.5.4-1)
burp[build logs] (3.1.4-3.1)
c-icap[build logs] (1:0.5.10-6.1) [ma:same]
caml-crush (sid only)[build logs] (1.0.12-1.1)
capnproto[build logs] (1.0.1-4) [ma:same]
carbon-c-relay[build logs] (3.7.3-2)
cjose[build logs] ( [ma:same]
ckermit[build logs] (408~beta11.20240207-1)
cl-plus-ssl[build logs] (20220328.git8b91648-5) [arch:all]
cowpatty[build logs] (4.8-3)
cpp-httplib[build logs] (0.14.3+ds-1.1) [ma:same]
cpprest[build logs] (2.10.19-2) [ma:same]
cxxtools[build logs] (3.0.0-3)
cyclonedds (sid only)[build logs] (0.10.4-1.1) [ma:same]
dcmtk[build logs] (3.6.7-13) [ma:same]
dillo[build logs] (3.0.5-7)
dma[build logs] (0.13-1)
dmg2img[build logs] (1.6.7-1)
dpdk[build logs] (23.11-1) [ma:same]
dsniff (sid only)[build logs] (2.4b1+debian-33)
e2guardian[build logs] (5.5.4-1)
eclipse-titan[build logs] (8.2.0-1)
eggdrop[build logs] (1.8.4+repack1-0.1)
encfs[build logs] (1.9.5-2)
epic4[build logs] (1:2.10.10-1.1)
epic5[build logs] (2.1.6-1)
faifa[build logs] (0.2~svn82-3.1) [ma:same]
fastd[build logs] (22-4)
fastdds (sid only)[build logs] (2.14.0+ds-4) [ma:same]
fdm[build logs] (1.9+git20181219-1.1)
fossil[build logs] (1:2.23-1)
foxeye (sid only)[build logs] (0.12.1-5)
fsverity-utils[build logs] (1.5-1.1) [ma:same]
galera-3[build logs] (25.3.37-1)
galera-4[build logs] (26.4.18-1)
gambc (sid only)[build logs] (4.9.3-1.3) [ma:same]
gdcm[build logs] (3.0.22-3) [ma:same]
genomicsdb (sid only)[build logs] (1.5.0-2)
gftp[build logs] (2.9.1~beta-2)
git-crypt[build logs] (0.7.0-0.1)
globalplatform[build logs] (2.4.0+dfsg-1) [ma:same]
globus-gass-cache[build logs] (10.3-3) [ma:same]
globus-gsi-openssl-error[build logs] (4.4-3) [ma:same]
globus-gsi-proxy-ssl[build logs] (6.5-3) [ma:same]
glome (sid only)[build logs] (0.1-3)
glusterfs[build logs] (11.1-4) [ma:same]
gnubiff[build logs] (2.2.17-5)
gnupg-pkcs11-scd (sid only)[build logs] (0.10.0-3)
goaccess[build logs] (1:1.9.1-1)
gocryptfs[build logs] (2.4.0-1)
gridengine[build logs] (8.1.9+dfsg-11)
grisbi[build logs] (3.0.3-1)
grpc[build logs] (1.51.1-4.1) [ma:same]
grub-customizer[build logs] (5.2.3-1)
gsoap[build logs] (2.8.132-2.1) [ma:same]
gsocket (sid only)[build logs] (1.4.41-1)
gvpe[build logs] (3.1-2)
haskell-hsopenssl[build logs] (
hcxkeys[build logs] (6.2.1-2)
hexchat[build logs] (2.16.2-1) [ma:same]
hfsprogs[build logs] (540.1.linux3-5)
hitch[build logs] (1.7.2-1)
hopm[build logs] (1.1.10-1)
htpdate[build logs] (1.3.7-2)
httperf[build logs] (0.9.0-9)
httping[build logs] (2.5-5.2)
httrack[build logs] (3.49.5-1) [ma:same]
i2pd (sid only)[build logs] (2.51.0-1)
ibm-3270[build logs] (4.1ga10-1.1)
identity4c[build logs] (1.0-1.1) [ma:same]
ike-scan (sid only)[build logs] (1.9.5-2)
ima-evm-utils[build logs] (1.4-1.3) [ma:same]
imapfilter[build logs] (1:2.8.2+1-0.2)
imx-code-signing-tool[build logs] (3.4.0+dfsg-2)
iperf3[build logs] (3.16-1) [ma:same]
ipmitool[build logs] (1.8.19-7)
ircii[build logs] (20210328-2)
irssi[build logs] (1.4.5-1) [ma:same]
istgt[build logs] (0.4~20111008-4)
jimtcl[build logs] (0.82-4.1) [ma:same]
jose[build logs] (13-1) [ma:same]
kitty[build logs] (0.33.1-1)
kmod[build logs] (32-1) [ma:same]
kronosnet[build logs] (1.28-2) [ma:same]
ldns[build logs] (1.8.3-2) [ma:same]
libcoap3 (sid only)[build logs] (4.3.4-1.1) [ma:same]
libcrypt-openssl-random-perl[build logs] (0.16-1) [ma:same]
libdigidoc[build logs] (3.10.5-5) [ma:same]
libdkim[build logs] (1:1.0.21-4)
libdrpm[build logs] (0.5.1-1.1) [ma:same]
libengine-gost-openssl (sid only)[build logs] (3.0.2-1)
libesmtp[build logs] (1.1.0-3.1) [ma:same]
libevent[build logs] (2.1.12-stable-8.1) [ma:same]
libewf[build logs] (20140814-1) [ma:same]
libfreefare (sid only)[build logs] (0.4.0-2.3) [ma:same]
libfsapfs[build logs] (20201107-1.1) [ma:same]
libica[build logs] (3.9.0-1) [ma:same]
libimobiledevice[build logs] (1.3.0-7.1) [ma:same]
libjwt[build logs] (1.17.0-2) [ma:same]
libnet-dns-sec-perl[build logs] (1.23-1)
[build logs] (3.4.0-10)
libnvme[build logs] (1.8-3)
liboqs (sid only)[build logs] (0.8.0-1) [ma:same]
libp11[build logs] (0.4.12-1.1) [ma:same]
libpodofo[build logs] (0.9.8+dfsg-3.1)
librabbitmq[build logs] (0.11.0-1) [ma:same]
libre[build logs] (1.1.0-1) [ma:same]
librelp[build logs] (1.11.0-1) [ma:same]
libretls[build logs] (3.8.1-2.1) [ma:same]
libshairport[build logs] (1.2.1~git20120510.cbed0c1-4) [ma:same]
libshout[build logs] (2.4.6-1) [ma:same]
libstrophe[build logs] (0.13.1-1) [ma:same]
libsylph[build logs] (1.1.0-21.1) [ma:same]
libtins[build logs] (4.5-1)
libtorrent-rasterbar[build logs] (2.0.10-1.1) [ma:same]
libtpms[build logs] (0.9.2-3.1) [ma:same]
libu2f-server[build logs] (1.1.0-4)
libwebsockets[build logs] (4.3.3-1.1) [ma:same]
libxlsxwriter[build logs] (1.1.5-1.1) [ma:same]
libzip[build logs] (1.7.3-1.1) [ma:same]
linux-ftpd-ssl[build logs] (0.17.36+really0.17-2)
lua-cqueues[build logs] (20200726-1) [ma:same]
lua-luaossl[build logs] (20220711-1) [ma:same]
lua-sec[build logs] (1.3.2-1) [ma:same]
macopix[build logs] (3.4.0+dfsg.1-3)
mailfilter[build logs] (0.8.9-1)
mailio (sid only)[build logs] (0.23.0-1) [ma:same]
mender-client[build logs] (3.4.0+ds1-5)
merecat[build logs] (2.31+git20220513+ds-4.1)
mini-httpd[build logs] (1.30-9)
mktorrent[build logs] (1.1-3)
mokutil[build logs] (0.6.0-2)
monit[build logs] (1:5.33.0-2)
moonshot-ui[build logs] (1.1.0+libsecret~2) [ma:same]
mosh[build logs] (1.4.0-1)
mstflint[build logs] (4.26.0+1-2)
mtd-utils[build logs] (1:2.2.0-1) [ma:same]
muchsync[build logs] (7-1)
mupdf[build logs] (1.23.10+ds1-1)
nagios-nrpe[build logs] (4.1.0-1)
nats.c[build logs] (3.7.0-1.1) [ma:same]
ncrack[build logs] (0.7+debian-6)
net-snmp[build logs] (5.9.4+dfsg-1.1) [ma:same]
netkit-ftp-ssl[build logs] (0.17.34+really0.17-1)
netkit-telnet-ssl[build logs] (0.17.41+really0.17-4)
netty-tcnative[build logs] (2.0.28-1)
nginx[build logs] (1.24.0-2)
nodau[build logs] (0.3.14-1)
nzbget[build logs] (21.0+dfsg-4)
ocaml-ssl[build logs] (0.7.0-1)
ocsigenserver (sid only)[build logs] (5.1.2-1)
omniorb-dfsg[build logs] (4.3.2+ds1-1.1) [ma:same]
opa-ff[build logs] (
opa-fm[build logs] (
open-isns[build logs] (0.101-0.3) [ma:same]
opendht[build logs] (3.0.1-1.1) [ma:same]
openpace[build logs] (1.1.2+ds+git20220117+453c3d6b03a0-1.1) [ma:same]
opensmtpd-filter-dkimsign[build logs] (0.5-2)
openssh-ssh1 (sid only)[build logs] (1:7.5p1-16)
opusfile[build logs] (0.12-4) [ma:same]
osptoolkit (sid only)[build logs] (4.13.0-1.1)
paho.mqtt.c[build logs] (1.3.13-1) [ma:same]
pam-mysql[build logs] (0.8.2-2) [ma:same]
pam-ssh-agent-auth[build logs] (0.10.3-8) [ma:same]
partclone[build logs] (0.3.27+repack-2)
partimage[build logs] (0.6.9-11)
pen[build logs] (0.34.1-2)
perl-openssl-defaults[build logs] (7) [ma:same]
picolisp[build logs] (24.3-1)
pkcs11-dump[build logs] (0.3.4-1.1)
pkcs11-helper[build logs] (1.29.0-2.1) [ma:same]
pkcs11-provider[build logs] (0.3-2) [ma:same]
pkcs11-proxy (sid only)[build logs] (0.4.1-1)
prosody[build logs] (0.12.4-1)
proxytunnel[build logs] (1.12.1-1)
python-scrypt[build logs] (0.8.24-1)
python3.11[build logs] (3.11.9-1) [ma:same]
python3.12[build logs] (3.12.3-1) [ma:same]
qpid-proton[build logs] (0.37.0-2)
quickfix (sid only)[build logs] (1.15.1+dfsg-4.1) [ma:same]
r-cran-openssl[build logs] (2.1.1+dfsg-2)
r-cran-pki[build logs] (0.1-12-2)
r-cran-rsclient[build logs] (0.7-10-1)
r-cran-s2[build logs] (1.1.6-1)
radsecproxy[build logs] (1.10.0-2)
rblcheck[build logs] (20231210-1)
readpe[build logs] (0.84-1) [ma:same]
ros-ros-comm[build logs] (1.16.0+ds-4) [ma:same]
rserve[build logs] (1.8-13-2)
rspamd[build logs] (3.8.1-1)
rsync[build logs] (3.3.0-1)
rsyncrypto[build logs] (1.14-1.2)
ruby-eventmachine[build logs] (1.3~pre20220315-df4ab006-3) [ma:same]
ruby3.1[build logs] (3.1.2-8.3) [ma:same]
ruby3.2 (sid only)[build logs] (3.2.3-1) [ma:same]
rust-sequoia-octopus-librnp (sid only)[build logs] (1.8.1-2)
s2geometry (sid only)[build logs] (0.10.0-6.1) [ma:same]
samdump2[build logs] (3.0.0-7)
sbsigntool[build logs] (0.9.4-3.1)
scrypt[build logs] (1.3.2-1) [ma:same]
securestring[build logs] (0.2-2) [ma:same]
shellinabox[build logs] (2.21)
siege[build logs] (4.0.7-1)
sipcrack[build logs] (0.2-4)
slowhttptest[build logs] (1.9.0-1)
smartdns[build logs] (45+dfsg-1)
socat[build logs] (
sofia-sip[build logs] (1.12.11+20110422.1+1e14eea~dfsg-6.1)
softether-vpn[build logs] (5.01.9674+git20200806+8181039+dfsg2-2)
softhsm2[build logs] (2.6.1-2.2)
sp800-90b-entropy-assessment[build logs] (1.1.5-4)
spamassassin[build logs] (4.0.1-1)
spiped[build logs] (1.6.2-3)
sqlcipher[build logs] (4.5.6-1) [ma:same]
srain[build logs] (1.5.1-1)
srt[build logs] (1.5.3-1) [ma:same]
sscg[build logs] (3.0.2-1)
ssldump[build logs] (1.8-1)
sslscan[build logs] (2.1.2-0.1)
sslsniff[build logs] (0.8-9)
ssvnc[build logs] (1.0.29-6)
stone[build logs] (2.4-1.1)
swi-prolog[build logs] (9.0.4+dfsg-4)
tcltls[build logs] (1.7.22-3) [ma:same]
tcltrf (sid only)[build logs] (2.1.4-dfsg3-3) [ma:same]
tcpdump[build logs] (4.99.4-3)
tcpflow[build logs] (1.6.1-3)
tf5[build logs] (5.0beta8-12)
thc-ipv6[build logs] (3.8-1)
tin[build logs] (1:2.6.4~20240328-2)
tinc[build logs] (1.0.36-2)
tnftp[build logs] (20230507-2)
tomcat-native[build logs] (1.2.35-1) [ma:same]
trousers[build logs] (0.3.15-0.3)
tsdecrypt[build logs] (10.0-4)
tss2[build logs] (1045-3) [ma:same]
uftp[build logs] (4.10.2-1.1)
uhub (sid only)[build logs] (0.4.1-3.2)
up-imapproxy[build logs] (1.2.8~svn20171105-2)
validns[build logs] (0.8+git20160720-3.2)
vboot-utils[build logs] (0~R106-15054.B-2)
vde2[build logs] (2.3.2+r586-10)
virtuoso-opensource (sid only)[build logs] (
voms-mysql-plugin[build logs] (3.1.7-3)
vsftpd[build logs] (3.0.3-13)
vtun (sid only)[build logs] (3.0.4-2)
w3m[build logs] (0.5.3+git20230121-2)
wabt[build logs] (1.0.34+dsfg2+~cs1.0.32-1)
watchman (sid only)[build logs] (4.9.0-7)
weex[build logs] (
wesnoth-1.16[build logs] (1:1.16.11-1)
wget[build logs] (1.24.5-1)
workflow[build logs] (0.11.2-1.1) [ma:same]
wrk[build logs] (4.1.0-4)
wvstreams[build logs] (4.6.1-17.1)
x11vnc[build logs] (0.9.16-10)
xeus-zmq (sid only)[build logs] (1.1.1-2)
xilinx-bootgen[build logs] (2022.2-2)
xml-security-c[build logs] (2.0.4-2) [ma:same]
xmlsec1[build logs] (1.2.39-5) [ma:same]
xmrig (sid only)[build logs] (6.21.2+dfsg-2)
xva-img[build logs] (1.5-1)
xymon[build logs] (4.3.30-3)
yadifa[build logs] (2.6.5-1)
yapet (sid only)[build logs] (2.6-2)
yara[build logs] (4.5.0-1) [ma:same]
ylva[build logs] (1.7-2)
yubico-piv-tool[build logs] (2.2.0-1.1) [ma:same]
zbackup[build logs] (1.5-2)
zfs-fuse[build logs] (0.7.0-27)
Dependency level 3 (build logs RC bugs)amd64arm64armelarmhfi386mips64elppc64elriscv64s390x
cargo[build logs] (0.70.1+ds1-3)
cryptsetup[build logs] (2:2.7.2-2) [ma:same]
curl[build logs] (8.7.1-3) [ma:same]
cyrus-sasl2[build logs] (2.1.28+dfsg1-6) [ma:same]
dnscap[build logs] (2.2.0-1)
dnssec-trigger[build logs] (0.17+repack-5.1)
efitools[build logs] (1.9.2-3)
globus-openssl-module[build logs] (5.2-3) [ma:same]
haskell-hsopenssl-x509-system[build logs] (
haskell-openssl-streams[build logs] (
krb5[build logs] (1.20.1-6) [ma:same]
lasso[build logs] (2.8.2-2) [ma:same]
libcrypt-openssl-bignum-perl[build logs] (0.09-2)
libcrypt-openssl-dsa-perl[build logs] (0.20-3)
libcrypt-openssl-pkcs12-perl[build logs] (1.9-3)
libcrypt-openssl-x509-perl[build logs] (1.9.15-1)
libcrypt-smime-perl[build logs] (0.30-1)
libcrypt-ssleay-perl[build logs] (0.73.06-2)
libevhtp[build logs] (1.2.18-2.1) [ma:same]
libfido2[build logs] (1.14.0-1) [ma:same]
libnet-ssleay-perl[build logs] (1.94-1) [ma:same]
libnginx-mod-js[build logs] (0.8.2-1)
libradsec[build logs] (0.0.5-5.1) [ma:same]
libshout-idjc[build logs] (2.4.6-2) [ma:same]
libssh[build logs] (0.10.6-2) [ma:same]
libssh2[build logs] (1.11.0-4.1) [ma:same]
links2[build logs] (2.29-1)
liquidsoap (sid only)[build logs] (2.2.4-1)
litecoin[build logs] (
nghttp2[build logs] (1.61.0-1) [ma:same]
opencryptoki[build logs] (3.8.1+dfsg-3.2) [ma:same]
openipmi[build logs] (2.0.33-1.1)
opensc[build logs] (0.25.0~rc1-1) [ma:same]
opensmtpd[build logs] (7.4.0p1-1)
openssh[build logs] (1:9.7p1-4)
openssl-ibmca[build logs] (1.4.0-1)
pam-p11[build logs] (0.3.1-2) [ma:same]
performous[build logs] (1.3.0+ds-1)
pgloader[build logs] (3.6.10-2)
poedit[build logs] (3.4.2-1)
postgresql-16[build logs] (16.2-2) [ma:same]
python-cryptography[build logs] (42.0.5-2)
rpki-client[build logs] (9.0-1)
sslsplit[build logs] (0.5.5-2.1)
stunnel4[build logs] (3:5.72-3)
swtpm[build logs] (0.7.1-1.4) [ma:same]
systemd[build logs] (255.4-1) [ma:same]
tboot[build logs] (1.10.5-4)
tgl (sid only)[build logs] (2.0.1+git20160323.ffb04cac-3.1) [ma:same]
tpm-quote-tools[build logs] (1.0.4-1)
tpm2-tss[build logs] (4.0.1-7.2) [ma:same]
ttyd (sid only)[build logs] (1.7.7-2)
u-boot[build logs] (2024.01+dfsg-5) [ma:same]
unworkable[build logs] (0.53-7)
vlc-plugin-bittorrent[build logs] (2.15-1) [ma:same]
voms[build logs] (2.1.0~rc3-7) [ma:same]
Dependency level 4 (build logs RC bugs)amd64arm64armelarmhfi386mips64elppc64elriscv64s390x
389-ds-base[build logs] (2.4.5+dfsg1-1) [ma:same]
actor-framework[build logs] (0.17.6-3.1)
afflib[build logs] (3.7.20-1.1) [ma:same]
aioquic[build logs] (1.0.0-1)
alpine[build logs] (2.26+dfsg-1)
amanda[build logs] (1:3.5.1-11.1)
apr-util[build logs] (1.6.3-2) [ma:same]
apt-cacher-ng[build logs] (3.7.4-1)
barnowl[build logs] (1.10-2)
bibtexconv[build logs] (1.3.6-1)
bind9[build logs] (1:9.19.21-1) [ma:same]
boinc[build logs] (7.24.1+dfsg-4) [ma:same]
btfs[build logs] (2.24-1)
butt[build logs] (0.1.37-2)
canl-c[build logs] (3.0.0-5) [ma:same]
cardpeek (sid only)[build logs] (0.8.4-1.3)
casync[build logs] (2+20201210-2)
certmonger[build logs] (0.79.19-1)
cfengine3[build logs] (3.21.4-1)
conserver[build logs] (8.2.7-2)
createrepo-c (sid only)[build logs] (0.17.3-4) [ma:same]
davix[build logs] (0.8.6-1) [ma:same]
dhcpcd[build logs] (1:10.0.6-2)
dnsdist[build logs] (1.9.3-1)
dnsperf[build logs] (2.14.0-1)
dovecot[build logs] (1:2.3.21+dfsg1-3)
duo-unix[build logs] (1.11.3-1.1) [ma:same]
edbrowse[build logs] (3.8.9-5)
erlang[build logs] (1:
ettercap[build logs] (1:
falcosecurity-libs (sid only)[build logs] (0.15.1-2) [ma:same]
fapolicyd (sid only)[build logs] (1.3.2+20231212+git973a86d1b4-1)
fetchmail[build logs] (6.4.38-1)
fort-validator[build logs] (1.6.1-1)
freefilesync[build logs] (13.3-2)
gensio[build logs] (2.8.2-6.1) [ma:same]
gfarm[build logs] (2.7.20+dfsg-1.2) [ma:same]
glgrib[build logs] (1.0-3)
globus-gsi-cert-utils[build logs] (10.11-2) [ma:same]
globus-gsi-sysconfig[build logs] (9.6-2) [ma:same]
growl-for-linux[build logs] (0.8.5-9.1)
gss-ntlmssp[build logs] (1.2.0-1)
h2o[build logs] (2.2.5+dfsg2-8.1) [ma:same]
haproxy[build logs] (2.9.7-1)
haskell-hookup[build logs] (0.7-2)
haskell-http-streams[build logs] (
hcxtools[build logs] (6.2.7-2)
hdf5[build logs] (1.10.10+repack-3.3) [ma:same]
hippotat[build logs] (1.1.11)
hiredis[build logs] (1.2.0-6) [ma:same]
htslib[build logs] (1.19+ds-1.1) [ma:same]
httpdirfs-fuse[build logs] (1.2.5-1)
icecast2[build logs] (2.4.4-4)
icinga2[build logs] (2.14.2-1)
idevicerestore[build logs] (1.0.0-3)
inn2[build logs] (2.7.2~20240325-3)
intel-hdcp (sid only)[build logs] (20.3.0-1) [ma:same]
ipmiutil[build logs] (3.1.9-3)
isc-kea[build logs] (2.4.1-3)
isync[build logs] (1.4.4-5)
jabberd2[build logs] (2.7.0-5)
janus[build logs] (1.1.2-1)
kore (sid only)[build logs] (4.1.0-6)
lastpass-cli[build logs] (1.4.0-1)
libcrypt-openssl-ec-perl[build logs] (1.32-1)
libcrypt-openssl-rsa-perl[build logs] (0.33-3) [ma:same]
libloc[build logs] (0.9.16-3.1) [ma:same]
libmemcached[build logs] (1.1.4-1.1) [ma:same]
libmongocrypt[build logs] (1.9.1-1) [ma:same]
libnetconf2[build logs] (2.0.24-3.1) [ma:same]
libpam-mount (sid only)[build logs] (2.20-3) [ma:same]
libpam-ssh (sid only)[build logs] (2.3+ds-6)
libpoe-filter-ssl-perl[build logs] (0.41-3)
librdkafka[build logs] (2.3.0-1) [ma:same]
librepo[build logs] (1.17.1-1) [ma:same]
libtorrent[build logs] (0.13.8-2.1) [ma:same]
libzypp[build logs] (17.32.5-1) [ma:same]
linux[build logs] (6.7.9-2) [ma:same]
m2crypto[build logs] (0.40.1-3)
mariadb[build logs] (1:10.11.7-4) [ma:same]
medusa[build logs] (2.2-7)
megatools[build logs] (1.11.1-1)
memcached[build logs] (1.6.26-1)
mfgtools[build logs] (1.5.141-1)
mongo-c-driver[build logs] (1.26.2-1)
mongo-cxx-driver-legacy[build logs] (1.1.3-3.3) [ma:same]
monitoring-plugins[build logs] (2.3.5-1)
moonshot-gss-eap[build logs] (1.0.1-6)
moonshot-trust-router[build logs] (3.5.4+2) [ma:same]
mosquitto[build logs] (2.0.18-1) [ma:same]
mysql-8.0 (sid only)[build logs] (8.0.36-3) [ma:same]
neon27[build logs] (0.33.0-1.1) [ma:same]
netsurf[build logs] (3.11-1)
nix[build logs] (2.18.1+dfsg-1)
nmap[build logs] (7.94+git20230807.3be01efb1+dfsg-3)
nmh[build logs] (1.8-1)
nodejs[build logs] (18.20.1+dfsg-4) [ma:same]
nsca-ng[build logs] (1.6-6)
nsd[build logs] (4.9.1-1)
ntpsec[build logs] (1.2.3+dfsg1-1)
open-iscsi[build logs] (2.1.9-3)
open-vm-tools (sid only)[build logs] (2:12.4.0-1)
opencpn[build logs] (5.8.4+dfsg-1)
opendnssec[build logs] (1:2.1.13-1.1)
openfortivpn[build logs] (1.22.0-1)
openhpi[build logs] (3.8.0-2.2)
openiked[build logs] (7.3-1)
openrct2[build logs] (0.4.10+ds-1)
openvpn[build logs] (2.6.9-1)
orthanc[build logs] (1.12.3+dfsg-2)
osslsigncode[build logs] (2.8-2)
pacman-package-manager (sid only)[build logs] (6.0.2-6) [ma:same]
pam-pkcs11[build logs] (0.6.12-2)
pam-u2f[build logs] (1.3.0-1)
pdns-recursor[build logs] (4.9.4-1)
perdition (sid only)[build logs] (2.2-3.3)
pgagroal[build logs] (1.6.0-1)
pgbackrest[build logs] (2.51-1)
pgbouncer[build logs] (1.22.1-1)
php-mongodb (sid only)[build logs] (1.15.0+1.11.1+1.9.2+1.7.5-1)
php-pecl-http[build logs] (4.2.3-3.1)
pinot[build logs] (1.21-1)
pistache (sid only)[build logs] (0.0.5+ds-5.1) [ma:same]
poco (sid only)[build logs] (1.13.0-6) [ma:same]
ppp[build logs] (2.5.0-1+2)
pulseaudio[build logs] (16.1+dfsg1-5) [ma:same]
puma[build logs] (6.4.2-4)
pure-ftpd[build logs] (1.0.50-2.2)
pycurl[build logs] (7.45.3-2)
qt6-base[build logs] (6.4.2+dfsg-21.1) [ma:same]
redis[build logs] (5:7.0.15-1)
ruby-ldap[build logs] (0.9.20-2) [ma:same]
s-nail[build logs] (14.9.24-2)
s3backer[build logs] (1.5.4-2)
sachesi[build logs] (2.0.4+ds-8)
scitokens-cpp[build logs] (1.1.1-1) [ma:same]
simple-tpm-pk11[build logs] (0.06-5)
snort (sid only)[build logs] (
sope[build logs] (5.10.0-1) [ma:same]
spice[build logs] (0.15.1-1) [ma:same]
spice-gtk[build logs] (0.42-2) [ma:same]
springlobby[build logs] (0.274-1)
squid[build logs] (6.9-1)
strongswan[build logs] (5.9.13-2)
sudo[build logs] (1.9.15p5-3)
swirc[build logs] (3.4.7-1)
sylpheed (sid only)[build logs] (3.8.0~beta1-1)
tarantool[build logs] (2.6.0-1.3)
tor[build logs] (
tpm-tools (sid only)[build logs] (
tpm2-tools[build logs] (5.6-1)
tpm2-tss-engine[build logs] (1.2.0-2) [ma:same]
trojan[build logs] (1.16.0-1)
trustedqsl[build logs] (2.7.2-1)
uget[build logs] (2.2.3-2)
urweb (sid only)[build logs] (20170720+dfsg-2) [ma:same]
uw-imap[build logs] (8:2007f~dfsg-7)
weborf[build logs] (1.0-1)
xmltooling[build logs] (3.2.4-2.1) [ma:same]
xrdp[build logs] (0.9.24-4)
xrt (sid only)[build logs] (202210.2.13.466+dfsg-8) [ma:same]
yafc[build logs] (1.3.7-5)
yuma123 (sid only)[build logs] (2.13-2.1) [ma:same]
zeroc-ice[build logs] (3.7.10-2.2) [ma:same]
zfs-linux[build logs] (2.2.3-2)
znc[build logs] (1.9.0-2)
Dependency level 5 (build logs RC bugs)amd64arm64armelarmhfi386mips64elppc64elriscv64s390x
apache2[build logs] (2.4.59-1) [ma:same]
ausweisapp2[build logs] (2.1.1-1)
cairo-dock-plug-ins[build logs] (3.4.1+git20201022.a0d3415c-1.2)
calibre[build logs] (7.9.0+ds-2)
clevis[build logs] (20-1)
clickhouse (sid only)[build logs] (18.16.1+ds-7.4)
condor[build logs] (23.4.0+dfsg-1)
coturn[build logs] (4.6.1-2)
ddnet[build logs] (16.4-1.2)
ecflow[build logs] (5.12.3-1)
efl[build logs] (1.27.0-1.1) [ma:same]
erlang-p1-tls[build logs] (1.1.16-3)
eurephia[build logs] (1.1.1-2)
far2l[build logs] (2.6.0~beta+ds-1)
fastnetmon[build logs] (1.2.6-1)
freeradius[build logs] (3.2.3+dfsg-2)
freerdp2[build logs] (2.11.5+dfsg1-1) [ma:same]
freerdp3 (sid only)[build logs] (3.5.0+dfsg1-1) [ma:same]
gambas3 (sid only)[build logs] (3.19.1-1)
gdal[build logs] (3.8.5+dfsg-1) [ma:same]
glirc (sid only)[build logs] (
globus-gsi-callback[build logs] (6.2-3) [ma:same]
haskell-haxr[build logs] (3000.11.5-1)
httest[build logs] (2.4.23-1.6)
kamailio[build logs] (5.7.4-1) [ma:same]
kannel[build logs] (1.4.5-16)
keepalived[build logs] (1:2.2.8-1)
libcrypt-openssl-pkcs10-perl[build logs] (0.25-1)
lighttpd[build logs] (1.4.74-2)
nbdkit[build logs] (1.38.1-1) [ma:same]
netatalk[build logs] (3.1.18~ds-1)
netdata (sid only)[build logs] (1.44.3-2)
network-manager-l2tp[build logs] (1.20.12-1)
ntopng (sid only)[build logs] (5.2.1+dfsg1-1)
nvidia-graphics-drivers[build logs] (535.161.08-1) [ma:same]
openems (sid only)[build logs] (0.0.35+git20190103.6a75e98+dfsg.1-3.2) [ma:same]
orthanc-wsi[build logs] (2.0+dfsg-2)
pdns[build logs] (4.9.0-2)
pgpool2 (sid only)[build logs] (4.3.7-2)
pipewire[build logs] (1.0.5-1) [ma:same]
postfix[build logs] (3.9.0-2)
proftpd-dfsg[build logs] (1.3.8.b+dfsg-2)
qbittorrent[build logs] (4.6.4-3)
qtbase-opensource-src[build logs] (5.15.10+dfsg-7.2) [ma:same]
rauc[build logs] (1.11.3-2)
ring[build logs] (20231201.0~ds1-1)
rsyslog[build logs] (8.2404.0-2)
rtpengine[build logs] (
sendmail[build logs] (8.18.1-2) [ma:same]
serf[build logs] (1.3.10-2) [ma:same]
shairport-sync[build logs] (3.3.8-1)
slrn[build logs] (1.0.3+dfsg-6)
sogo (sid only)[build logs] (5.10.0-2)
squeezelite[build logs] (1.9.9-1449+git20230814.8581aba-1)
sra-sdk[build logs] (3.0.3+dfsg-6) [ma:same]
sssd[build logs] (2.9.4-2) [ma:same]
sstp-client[build logs] (1.0.19-1)
storm-lang[build logs] (0.6.20-3)
suck[build logs] (4.3.4-1)
syslog-ng (sid only)[build logs] (4.3.1-2) [ma:same]
tpm2-pkcs11[build logs] (1.9.0-0.2)
trafficserver (sid only)[build logs] (9.2.4+ds-1)
unbound[build logs] (1.19.2-1) [ma:same]
vzlogger (sid only)[build logs] (0.8.3-1)
xmms2[build logs] (0.8+dfsg-24)
Dependency level 6 (build logs RC bugs)amd64arm64armelarmhfi386mips64elppc64elriscv64s390x
asterisk (sid only)[build logs] (1:20.6.0~dfsg+~cs6.13.40431414-2)
bacula[build logs] (13.0.4-1)
barrier[build logs] (2.4.0+dfsg-4)
bobcat[build logs] (6.04.00-1)
camitk[build logs] (5.2.0-1)
chiaki[build logs] (2.2.0-1)
clamav[build logs] (1.0.5+dfsg-1.1) [ma:same]
classified-ads[build logs] (0.15-1)
dogecoin (sid only)[build logs] (1.14.7-1) [ma:same]
eiskaltdcpp (sid only)[build logs] (2.4.2-1.1)
falkon[build logs] (24.01.75-1)
fqterm[build logs] (
freeipa[build logs] (4.11.1-2) [ma:same]
getdns[build logs] (1.6.0-3.1) [ma:same]
glasscoder[build logs] (2.0.1-2)
globus-gsi-credential[build logs] (8.4-2) [ma:same]
gridsite (sid only)[build logs] (3.0.0~20240125git1200598-1) [ma:same]
gst-plugins-good1.0[build logs] (1.24.2-1) [ma:same]
guacamole-server (sid only)[build logs] (1.3.0-1.3) [ma:same]
hydra[build logs] (9.5-1)
kitinerary[build logs] (22.12.3-3) [ma:same]
kristall[build logs] (0.4+dfsg-2)
kvirc[build logs] (4:5.2.2+dfsg-2) [ma:same]
libapache2-mod-auth-gssapi[build logs] (1.6.4-3)
libapache2-mod-auth-mellon[build logs] (0.19.0-1)
libapache2-mod-auth-openidc[build logs] (
libapache2-mod-auth-pubtkt[build logs] (0.13-1)
libapache2-mod-qos[build logs] (11.74-1)
libgwenhywfar[build logs] (5.11.1beta-1) [ma:same]
liboauth2[build logs] (1.6.0-1) [ma:same]
mixxx[build logs] (2.4.0+dfsg-2)
monero[build logs] (
mumble (sid only)[build logs] (1.5.517-2)
nextcloud-desktop (sid only)[build logs] (3.11.0-1.1) [ma:same]
openboard[build logs] (1.6.4+dfsg-1)
opendkim[build logs] (2.11.0~beta2-9) [ma:same]
openvswitch[build logs] (3.3.0-1)
ophcrack[build logs] (3.8.0-3)
passenger[build logs] (6.0.20+ds-1)
pcp[build logs] (6.2.0-1.1)
peony[build logs] (
php8.2[build logs] (8.2.18-1)
polyphone[build logs] (
proftpd-mod-proxy[build logs] (0.9.3-1)
pushpin[build logs] (1.39.1-1)
qca2[build logs] (2.3.8-1) [ma:same]
qcalcfilehash[build logs] (1.1.1-1)
qterm[build logs] (1:0.7.4-3)
remmina[build logs] (1.4.35+dfsg-1) [ma:same]
ricochet-im (sid only)[build logs] (1.1.4-3)
sight[build logs] (23.1.0-2)
snac2[build logs] (2.51-1)
subtitlecomposer[build logs] (0.8.0-1)
swift-im (sid only)[build logs] (5.0~alpha2.145.g12d031cf8+dfsg-3)
telegram-desktop (sid only)[build logs] (4.14.9+ds-1)
thrift[build logs] (0.19.0-2.1) [ma:same]
transmission (sid only)[build logs] (4.0.5-2)
virtualbox (sid only)[build logs] (7.0.16-dfsg-2)
wpa[build logs] (2:2.10-21) [ma:same]
xca[build logs] (2.5.0-1)
yuzu (sid only)[build logs] (0-1335+ds-1.4)
zabbix (sid only)[build logs] (1:6.0.25+dfsg-1)
zurl[build logs] (1.12.0-1.1)
Dependency level 7 (build logs RC bugs)amd64arm64armelarmhfi386mips64elppc64elriscv64s390x
ceph[build logs] (18.2.1+ds-5)
cyrus-imapd[build logs] (3.8.2-1)
globus-gsi-proxy-core[build logs] (9.8-3) [ma:same]
gst-plugins-bad1.0[build logs] (1.24.2-3) [ma:same]
ovn[build logs] (24.03.1-2)
psi-plus[build logs] (1.4.554-5)
veyon[build logs] (4.7.5+repack1-1) [ma:same]
Dependency level 8 (build logs RC bugs)amd64arm64armelarmhfi386mips64elppc64elriscv64s390x
globus-gssapi-gsi[build logs] (14.20-3) [ma:same]
nheko[build logs] (0.11.3+~0.9.2+~1.0.0+~0.3.0-2)
uwsgi[build logs] (
uxplay[build logs] (1.68.2-1)
xrootd[build logs] (5.6.9-2) [ma:same]
Dependency level 9 (build logs RC bugs)amd64arm64armelarmhfi386mips64elppc64elriscv64s390x
cgsi-gsoap[build logs] (1.3.11-5) [ma:same]
dcap[build logs] (2.47.14-2) [ma:same]
globus-gatekeeper[build logs] (11.4-3)
globus-gridftp-server[build logs] (13.25-5) [ma:same]
globus-gridmap-eppn-callout[build logs] (2.2-4) [ma:same]
globus-gridmap-verify-myproxy-callout[build logs] (3.2-4) [ma:same]
globus-proxy-utils[build logs] (7.3-3)
lcas[build logs] (1.3.19-2.1)
lcmaps[build logs] (1.6.6-3.1) [ma:same]
Dependency level 10 (build logs RC bugs)amd64arm64armelarmhfi386mips64elppc64elriscv64s390x
globus-ftp-client[build logs] (9.8-4) [ma:same]
lcmaps-plugins-jobrep (sid only)[build logs] (1.5.7-1)
lcmaps-plugins-verify-proxy[build logs] (1.5.10-3)
myproxy (sid only)[build logs] (6.2.16-2) [ma:same]
Dependency level 11 (build logs RC bugs)amd64arm64armelarmhfi386mips64elppc64elriscv64s390x
globus-gass-copy[build logs] (10.13-2) [ma:same]
nordugrid-arc[build logs] (6.19.0-1)
Dependency level 12 (build logs RC bugs)amd64arm64armelarmhfi386mips64elppc64elriscv64s390x
arc-gui-clients[build logs] (0.4.6-7)
globus-gram-job-manager[build logs] (15.8-4) [ma:same]
  • abseil-20230802 through falcosecurity-libs, fastnetmon, grpc, open-vm-tools, s2geometry, telegram-desktop
  • auto-abseil through falcosecurity-libs, fastnetmon, grpc, open-vm-tools, s2geometry, telegram-desktop
  • auto-ace through ace
  • auto-actor-framework through actor-framework
  • auto-afflib through afflib
  • auto-alsa-lib through alsa-scarlett-gui, cairo-dock-plug-ins, freerdp2, freerdp3, gensio, glasscoder, liquidsoap, mumble, pipewire, pulseaudio, ring, shairport-sync, squeezelite, xmms2
  • auto-apr through apache2, apr-util, httest, hydra, libapache2-mod-auth-openidc, libapache2-mod-qos, liboauth2, netty-tcnative, passenger, serf, tomcat-native, uwsgi
  • auto-apr-util through apache2, apr-util, httest, libapache2-mod-auth-openidc, libapache2-mod-qos, liboauth2, passenger, serf, uwsgi
  • auto-at-spi2-core through gambas3, hydra, moonshot-ui
  • auto-boost1.83 through monero, ros-ros-comm
  • auto-c-ares through apt-cacher-ng, canl-c, falcosecurity-libs, grpc, nghttp2, nodejs, pgbouncer, sssd, xymon
  • auto-c-icap through c-icap
  • auto-canl-c through canl-c, gridsite
  • auto-ceres-solver through sight
  • auto-cfitsio through gdal
  • auto-cgsi-gsoap through cgsi-gsoap
  • auto-clamav through clamav, cyrus-imapd
  • auto-cmark through kristall, nheko
  • auto-cpp-httplib through cpp-httplib, nheko, yuzu
  • auto-cups through freerdp2, freerdp3, qt6-base, qtbase-opensource-src, remmina
  • auto-curl through afflib, amanda, apache2, asterisk, bibtexconv, boinc, btfs, butt, camitk, cardpeek, cargo, casync, ceph, certmonger, clamav, condor, createrepo-c, curl, davix, ddnet, edbrowse, efl, ettercap, falcosecurity-libs, fort-validator, freefilesync, freeipa, freeradius, gambas3, gdal, genomicsdb, glasscoder, glgrib, gridsite, growl-for-linux, gst-plugins-bad1.0, hcxtools, hdf5, htslib, httpdirfs-fuse, icecast2, idevicerestore, janus, kamailio, lastpass-cli, libapache2-mod-auth-mellon, libapache2-mod-auth-openidc, liboauth2, librepo, libzypp, liquidsoap, mariadb, megatools, nbdkit, netsurf, nheko, nix, nmh, ntopng, open-vm-tools, opencpn, openems, openhpi, openrct2, orthanc, orthanc-wsi, osslsigncode, pacman-package-manager, pam-pkcs11, passenger, pdns, pdns-recursor, php-pecl-http, php8.2, pinot, pycurl, rauc, remmina, rsyslog, rtpengine, rust-cargo-c, rust-cargo-outdated, rust-debcargo, rustup, s3backer, scitokens-cpp, sight, snac2, sogo, springlobby, sssd, strongswan, swirc, sylpheed, syslog-ng, systemd, tarantool, tpm2-tools, tpm2-tss, trafficserver, transmission, trustedqsl, uget, uwsgi, virtualbox, vzlogger, xmltooling, xmms2, xrootd, xrt, zabbix, znc, zurl
  • auto-daq through snort
  • auto-davix through davix, xrootd
  • auto-db5.3 through 389-ds-base, apr-util, bruteforce-wallet, c-icap, cyrus-sasl2, dogecoin, dsniff, gridengine, inn2, isync, jabberd2, kamailio, litecoin, netatalk, nmh, nordugrid-arc, opendkim, opensmtpd, perdition, php8.2, postfix, python3.11, python3.12, sendmail, swi-prolog
  • auto-dcap through dcap
  • auto-dcmtk through dcmtk, orthanc, orthanc-wsi, sight
  • auto-ding-libs through freeipa, sscg, sssd
  • auto-directfb through gst-plugins-bad1.0, links2
  • auto-dynarmic through yuzu
  • auto-e2fsprogs through nbdkit, partclone
  • auto-efivar through mokutil
  • auto-efl through efl
  • auto-elfutils through autofdo, dpdk, falcosecurity-libs, linux, opencpn, pcp
  • auto-exiv2 through pinot
  • auto-fastcdr through fastdds
  • auto-ffmpeg through chiaki, ddnet, freerdp2, freerdp3, janus, liquidsoap, mixxx, openboard, performous, ring, rtpengine, squeezelite, subtitlecomposer, telegram-desktop, xmms2, yuzu
  • auto-file through createrepo-c, fapolicyd, sra-sdk, weborf, yara
  • auto-flac through butt, gst-plugins-good1.0, liquidsoap, mixxx, openrct2, polyphone, squeezelite, storm-lang, xmms2
  • auto-fltk1.3 through ace, butt, dillo
  • auto-fmtlib through ceph, genomicsdb, litecoin, nheko, opendht, performous, ring, xmrig, yuzu
  • auto-foonathan-memory through fastdds
  • auto-freerdp2 through freerdp2, guacamole-server, hydra, remmina
  • auto-fuse through afflib, apt-cacher-ng, btfs, casync, ceph, ecflow, encfs, fossil, httpdirfs-fuse, libewf, libfsapfs, peony, s3backer, xrdp, xrootd, zfs-fuse
  • auto-gdal through gdal
  • auto-gdbm through apr-util, freeradius, perdition
  • auto-gdcm through camitk, gdcm, sight
  • auto-gensio through gensio
  • auto-geoip through ettercap, kamailio, nginx, pdns, pen, proftpd-dfsg, uwsgi
  • auto-geos through gdal
  • auto-getdns through getdns
  • auto-gfal2 through nordugrid-arc
  • auto-gfarm through gfarm
  • auto-glibmm2.4 through arc-gui-clients, grub-customizer, nordugrid-arc, open-vm-tools, performous, pinot
  • auto-globus-authz through globus-gridftp-server
  • auto-globus-callout through globus-gram-job-manager
  • auto-globus-common through cgsi-gsoap, globus-ftp-client, globus-gass-cache, globus-gass-copy, globus-gatekeeper, globus-gram-job-manager, globus-gridftp-server, globus-gridmap-eppn-callout, globus-gridmap-verify-myproxy-callout, globus-gsi-callback, globus-gsi-cert-utils, globus-gsi-credential, globus-gsi-openssl-error, globus-gsi-proxy-core, globus-gsi-sysconfig, globus-gssapi-gsi, globus-openssl-module, globus-proxy-utils, lcmaps, myproxy, nordugrid-arc
  • auto-globus-ftp-client through globus-ftp-client, globus-gass-copy, nordugrid-arc
  • auto-globus-ftp-control through globus-ftp-client, globus-gridftp-server, nordugrid-arc
  • auto-globus-gass-cache through globus-gass-cache, globus-gram-job-manager
  • auto-globus-gass-copy through globus-gass-copy
  • auto-globus-gass-transfer through globus-gass-copy, globus-gram-job-manager
  • auto-globus-gfork through globus-gridftp-server
  • auto-globus-gram-job-manager-callout-error through globus-gram-job-manager
  • auto-globus-gram-protocol through globus-gram-job-manager
  • auto-globus-gridftp-server-control through globus-gridftp-server
  • auto-globus-gridmap-callout-error through globus-gridmap-eppn-callout, globus-gridmap-verify-myproxy-callout
  • auto-globus-gsi-callback through globus-ftp-client, globus-gsi-callback, globus-gsi-credential, globus-gssapi-gsi, globus-proxy-utils, myproxy, nordugrid-arc
  • auto-globus-gsi-cert-utils through cgsi-gsoap, globus-gridmap-eppn-callout, globus-gridmap-verify-myproxy-callout, globus-gsi-callback, globus-gsi-cert-utils, globus-gsi-credential, globus-gssapi-gsi, myproxy, nordugrid-arc
  • auto-globus-gsi-credential through cgsi-gsoap, globus-ftp-client, globus-gram-job-manager, globus-gridftp-server, globus-gridmap-eppn-callout, globus-gridmap-verify-myproxy-callout, globus-gsi-credential, globus-gsi-proxy-core, globus-gssapi-gsi, globus-proxy-utils, lcmaps, myproxy, nordugrid-arc
  • auto-globus-gsi-openssl-error through globus-gridmap-eppn-callout, globus-gsi-callback, globus-gsi-cert-utils, globus-gsi-credential, globus-gsi-openssl-error, globus-gsi-proxy-core, globus-gsi-sysconfig, globus-gssapi-gsi, globus-openssl-module, globus-proxy-utils
  • auto-globus-gsi-proxy-core through globus-gsi-proxy-core, globus-gssapi-gsi, globus-proxy-utils, myproxy
  • auto-globus-gsi-sysconfig through globus-ftp-client, globus-gass-copy, globus-gram-job-manager, globus-gridftp-server, globus-gsi-callback, globus-gsi-credential, globus-gsi-sysconfig, globus-gssapi-gsi, globus-proxy-utils, myproxy
  • auto-globus-gss-assist through cgsi-gsoap, globus-gatekeeper, globus-gram-job-manager, globus-gridftp-server, globus-gridmap-eppn-callout, globus-gridmap-verify-myproxy-callout, globus-proxy-utils, lcmaps, myproxy, nordugrid-arc
  • auto-globus-gssapi-error through globus-gass-copy, globus-gridmap-eppn-callout, globus-gridmap-verify-myproxy-callout
  • auto-globus-gssapi-gsi through cgsi-gsoap, dcap, globus-ftp-client, globus-gass-copy, globus-gatekeeper, globus-gram-job-manager, globus-gridftp-server, globus-gridmap-eppn-callout, globus-gridmap-verify-myproxy-callout, globus-gssapi-gsi, globus-proxy-utils, lcas, lcmaps, myproxy, nordugrid-arc
  • auto-globus-io through globus-gass-copy, globus-gridftp-server, nordugrid-arc
  • auto-globus-openssl-module through cgsi-gsoap, globus-gsi-cert-utils, globus-gsi-proxy-core, globus-gssapi-gsi, globus-openssl-module, globus-proxy-utils, nordugrid-arc
  • auto-globus-rsl through globus-gram-job-manager
  • auto-globus-scheduler-event-generator through globus-gram-job-manager
  • auto-globus-xio through globus-ftp-client, globus-gram-job-manager, globus-gridftp-server
  • auto-gmime through asterisk, gambas3, pinot
  • auto-gnutls28 through caml-crush, curl, libcoap3, libgwenhywfar, libjwt, librelp, lighttpd, nbdkit, neon27, opendht, ring, rsyslog, squid, srt, swtpm, u-boot, wget, xmlsec1, zabbix
  • auto-goffice through grisbi
  • auto-google-glog through autofdo
  • auto-google-perftools through ceph, swi-prolog
  • auto-gpgme1.0 through librepo, libzypp, pacman-package-manager, ros-ros-comm, rust-ripasso-cursive, sylpheed
  • auto-grpc through falcosecurity-libs, fastnetmon, grpc, open-vm-tools
  • auto-gsoap through cgsi-gsoap, davix, gridsite, gsoap, virtualbox, voms
  • auto-gtk+2.0 through dnssec-trigger, gftp, growl-for-linux, hexchat, hydra, sylpheed
  • auto-gtk+3.0 through boinc, cairo-dock-plug-ins, cardpeek, eiskaltdcpp, ettercap, freefilesync, gambas3, gnubiff, grisbi, grub-customizer, gst-plugins-bad1.0, gst-plugins-good1.0, libgwenhywfar, macopix, moonshot-ui, netsurf, network-manager-l2tp, open-vm-tools, openssh, poedit, qt6-base, qtbase-opensource-src, remmina, spice-gtk, srain, storm-lang, uget
  • auto-gtkmm3.0 through grub-customizer, open-vm-tools, pinot
  • auto-hdf5 through camitk, gdal, hdf5, openems, sra-sdk
  • auto-heimdal through cyrus-sasl2
  • auto-htslib through htslib
  • auto-icu through 389-ds-base, calibre, camitk, ceph, clickhouse, cyrus-imapd, dovecot, freerdp2, freerdp3, mysql-8.0, nodejs, openems, openrct2, performous, php-pecl-http, php8.2, poedit, postfix, postgresql-16, prosody, qt6-base, qtbase-opensource-src, rspamd, subtitlecomposer, tarantool, tin, znc
  • auto-identity4c through identity4c
  • auto-imagemagick through virtuoso-opensource
  • auto-imath through gst-plugins-bad1.0
  • auto-imlib2 through gambas3, w3m
  • auto-ivykis through syslog-ng
  • auto-jimtcl through jimtcl
  • auto-jpeg-xl through efl
  • auto-kmime through kitinerary
  • auto-krb5 through krb5
  • auto-kronosnet through kronosnet
  • auto-lasso through lasso, libapache2-mod-auth-mellon, sogo
  • auto-lcmaps through lcmaps, lcmaps-plugins-jobrep, lcmaps-plugins-verify-proxy
  • auto-ldns through dnscap, dnsperf, dnssec-trigger, ldns, nordugrid-arc, opendnssec
  • auto-libaio through ceph, glusterfs, mysql-8.0, zfs-fuse, zfs-linux
  • auto-libarchive through far2l, grub-customizer, nix, opencpn, pacman-package-manager, pinot, ring, sight, swi-prolog
  • auto-libcanberra through eiskaltdcpp, hexchat, peony, pipewire
  • auto-libcdio through xmms2
  • auto-libcdio-paranoia through xmms2
  • auto-libdbi through lighttpd, syslog-ng
  • auto-libdv through gst-plugins-good1.0
  • auto-libdvdread through gst-plugins-bad1.0
  • auto-libetpan through cairo-dock-plug-ins
  • auto-libev through getdns, hitch, kamailio, libwebsockets, nghttp2, nsca-ng, ocaml-cohttp, ocsigenserver, passenger, pgagroal
  • auto-libevent through apt-cacher-ng, coturn, dogecoin, getdns, kamailio, libevent, libevhtp, libmemcached, libradsec, links2, litecoin, memcached, moonshot-trust-router, mysql-8.0, netatalk, nheko, nsd, openiked, opensmtpd, pgbouncer, php-pecl-http, rtpengine, sslsplit, sstp-client, tgl, tor, transmission, unbound, unworkable, zabbix
  • auto-libewf through libewf
  • auto-libguestfs through nbdkit
  • auto-libgwenhywfar through libgwenhywfar
  • auto-libical3 through asterisk, cairo-dock-plug-ins, cyrus-imapd
  • auto-libkml through gdal
  • auto-liblinear through nmap
  • auto-libmemcached through freeradius, hydra, kamailio, libmemcached, liboauth2, opendkim, pgpool2, proftpd-dfsg, sogo
  • auto-libmicrohttpd through janus, systemd, vzlogger
  • auto-libmspack through clamav, open-vm-tools
  • auto-libmtp through calibre
  • auto-libnatpmp through classified-ads, ring, swift-im, transmission
  • auto-libnids through dsniff
  • auto-libnvme through libnvme
  • auto-libofx through grisbi
  • auto-libopendbx through opendkim
  • auto-libopenmpt through gst-plugins-bad1.0
  • auto-libopensmtpd through opensmtpd-filter-dkimsign
  • auto-libotr through irssi, psi-plus
  • auto-libp11 through libp11, pam-p11
  • auto-libpcap through cowpatty, dnscap, dpdk, dsniff, ettercap, faifa, fastnetmon, freeradius, janus, ldns, libtins, nmap, ntopng, ppp, rtpengine, sipcrack, snort, ssldump, sslsplit, tcpdump, tcpflow, thc-ipv6, vde2
  • auto-libplist through idevicerestore, libimobiledevice, uxplay
  • auto-libpng1.6 through argyll, camitk, dcmtk, ddnet, dillo, efl, gambas3, gdal, glgrib, gst-plugins-good1.0, guacamole-server, kitty, libapache2-mod-qos, libpodofo, links2, liquidsoap, netsurf, openems, openrct2, orthanc, orthanc-wsi, performous, qt6-base, qtbase-opensource-src, sight, springlobby, storm-lang, virtualbox
  • auto-libpodofo through calibre, libpodofo
  • auto-libpsl through curl, wget
  • auto-libquazip through openboard, sachesi
  • auto-libradsec through libradsec, moonshot-gss-eap
  • auto-libraw through efl
  • auto-libre through libre
  • auto-libretls through libretls, rpki-client
  • auto-librsync through burp
  • auto-libselinux through casync, freefilesync, librepo, mtd-utils, nbdkit, openssh, openssh-ssh1, pipewire, postgresql-16, sssd, sudo, systemd
  • auto-libsodium through dnsdist, dovecot, fastd, monero, nats.c, nix, pdns, pdns-recursor, php8.2, proftpd-dfsg, proftpd-mod-proxy, pure-ftpd, remmina, rspamd, sogo
  • auto-libsolv through libzypp
  • auto-libsoup2.4 through srain
  • auto-libssh2 through cargo, curl, freefilesync, guacamole-server, libssh2, medusa, nmap, pgbackrest, rust-cargo-c, rust-cargo-outdated, rust-debcargo, rust-ripasso-cursive, yuma123, zabbix
  • auto-libsylph through libsylph
  • auto-libtirpc through amanda, caml-crush, dovecot, dsniff, glusterfs, gridengine, mysql-8.0, netatalk, open-vm-tools, python3.11, python3.12, virtuoso-opensource, zfs-fuse, zfs-linux
  • auto-libtorrent through libtorrent
  • auto-libtorrent-rasterbar through btfs, libtorrent-rasterbar, nbdkit, qbittorrent, vlc-plugin-bittorrent
  • auto-liburcu through bind9, glusterfs
  • auto-libuv1 through bind9, getdns, h2o, kamailio, libwebsockets, netdata, nodejs, passenger, pcp, ttyd
  • auto-libverto through krb5
  • auto-libvpx through gst-plugins-good1.0, telegram-desktop, virtualbox
  • auto-libwebsockets through janus, kamailio, libwebsockets, mosquitto, rtpengine
  • auto-libxlsxwriter through libxlsxwriter
  • auto-libxt through ace, gridengine, ibm-3270, ssvnc, swi-prolog, virtualbox
  • auto-libyang2 through libnetconf2
  • auto-libzip through idevicerestore, libzip, openrct2, php8.2, sogo
  • auto-libzypp through libzypp
  • auto-linux-signed-amd64 through linux
  • auto-linux-signed-arm64 through linux
  • auto-lirc through pulseaudio, squeezelite
  • auto-llvm-toolchain-16 through postgresql-16
  • auto-log4cplus through isc-kea
  • auto-lucene++ through poedit
  • auto-mbedtls through lighttpd, yuzu
  • auto-mjpegtools through gst-plugins-bad1.0
  • auto-mongo-c-driver through fastnetmon, hydra, kamailio, libmongocrypt, mongo-c-driver, postfix, rsyslog, syslog-ng
  • auto-mongo-cxx-driver-legacy through mongo-cxx-driver-legacy
  • auto-mpg123 through gst-plugins-good1.0, squeezelite, storm-lang, xmms2
  • auto-msgpack-c through opendht
  • auto-mtdev through qt6-base, qtbase-opensource-src
  • auto-nanomsg through janus
  • auto-nats.c through kamailio, nats.c
  • auto-ndpi through ntopng
  • auto-neon27 through asterisk, far2l, gst-plugins-bad1.0, neon27
  • auto-net-snmp through 389-ds-base, asterisk, dnsdist, kamailio, keepalived, net-snmp, openhpi, openipmi, pdns-recursor, php8.2, rsyslog, syslog-ng, zabbix
  • auto-nettle through caml-crush, curl, gst-plugins-bad1.0, lighttpd, opendht, radsecproxy, ring, rust-ripasso-cursive, rust-sequoia-chameleon-gnupg, rust-sequoia-octopus-librnp, rust-sequoia-sq, rust-sequoia-wot, squid, srt, wget
  • auto-nodejs through nodejs
  • auto-nordugrid-arc through arc-gui-clients, nordugrid-arc
  • auto-notmuch through muchsync
  • auto-ntfs-3g through partclone
  • auto-oath-toolkit through ceph, sogo
  • auto-ogre-1.12 through sight
  • auto-omniorb-dfsg through omniorb-dfsg
  • auto-open-isns through open-iscsi, open-isns
  • auto-opencv through gst-plugins-bad1.0, performous, sight
  • auto-opendht through opendht, ring
  • auto-openipmi through gensio, openhpi, openipmi, zabbix
  • auto-openldap through 389-ds-base, alpine, apache2, apr-util, asterisk, ceph, certmonger, curl, cyrus-imapd, cyrus-sasl2, dovecot, freeipa, freeradius, jabberd2, kamailio, krb5, lighttpd, myproxy, netatalk, nordugrid-arc, opencryptoki, opendkim, pam-pkcs11, pdns, perdition, pgpool2, php8.2, postfix, postgresql-16, proftpd-dfsg, pure-ftpd, ruby-ldap, sendmail, sope, squid, sssd, strongswan, sudo, sylpheed, uwsgi, veyon, xymon, zabbix
  • auto-openmpi through camitk, genomicsdb, hdf5, openems
  • auto-opensaml through moonshot-gss-eap
  • auto-opentracing-c-wrapper through haproxy
  • auto-orc through gst-plugins-bad1.0, gst-plugins-good1.0, pulseaudio, spice
  • auto-pangomm2.48 through transmission
  • auto-pcp through pcp
  • auto-peony through peony
  • auto-perl through barnowl, epic4, epic5, freeradius, hexchat, inn2, irssi, kamailio, kvirc, linux, nbdkit, net-snmp, nginx, postgresql-16, uwsgi, znc
  • auto-phonon through kvirc
  • auto-pipewire through pipewire
  • auto-pkcs11-helper through gnupg-pkcs11-scd, openvpn, pkcs11-helper
  • auto-poppler through efl, gambas3, gdal, gdcm, kitinerary, openboard, peony
  • auto-protobuf through autofdo, dogecoin, falcosecurity-libs, fastnetmon, genomicsdb, grpc, libzypp, mixxx, mosh, mumble, mysql-8.0, open-vm-tools, orthanc, ricochet-im, xrt, zbackup
  • auto-pupnp through ring
  • auto-python3.11 through calibre, camitk, ceph, condor, createrepo-c, ecflow, freeradius, gensio, hexchat, inn2, kamailio, kitty, kvirc, ldns, libimobiledevice, librepo, lintian-brush, linux, nbdkit, nordugrid-arc, openems, postgresql-16, python3.11, qpid-proton, remmina, ros-ros-comm, s2geometry, syslog-ng, unbound, uwsgi, znc
  • auto-python3.12 through ecflow, python3.12, qpid-proton, ros-ros-comm, s2geometry
  • auto-qdbm through php8.2
  • auto-qt6-base through ausweisapp2, calibre, ecflow, gst-plugins-good1.0, qbittorrent, qca2, qt6-base, ring
  • auto-qt6-quick3d through ring
  • auto-qtbase-opensource-src through arc-gui-clients, bacula, barrier, camitk, chiaki, classified-ads, dogecoin, eiskaltdcpp, falkon, fqterm, gambas3, glasscoder, gst-plugins-good1.0, kitinerary, kristall, kvirc, litecoin, mixxx, mumble, nextcloud-desktop, nheko, openboard, openems, ophcrack, pcp, peony, polyphone, psi-plus, pushpin, qca2, qcalcfilehash, qtbase-opensource-src, qterm, remmina, ricochet-im, sachesi, sight, subtitlecomposer, telegram-desktop, thrift, transmission, veyon, virtualbox, wpa, xca, yuzu, zurl
  • auto-rdma-core through ceph
  • auto-re2 through clickhouse, dnsdist, falcosecurity-libs, grpc, nheko, sra-sdk
  • auto-readline through amanda, bacula, bobcat, cardpeek, clickhouse, edbrowse, freeradius, gftp, glgrib, glusterfs, ipmitool, kamailio, netkit-ftp-ssl, nix, nmh, opendht, opendnssec, openipmi, opensc, pcp, picolisp, pipewire, postgresql-16, python3.11, python3.12, softether-vpn, sqlcipher, swi-prolog, tarantool, virtuoso-opensource, wesnoth-1.16, wpa, xmms2, xrootd, yuma123
  • auto-ros-ros-comm through ros-ros-comm
  • auto-rpm through createrepo-c, freeipa, libdrpm, libzypp
  • auto-rrdtool through ntopng, xymon
  • auto-rtmidi through polyphone
  • auto-ruby3.1 through epic5, grpc, kamailio, nbdkit, passenger, puma, ruby-eventmachine, ruby-ldap, ruby3.1, uwsgi
  • auto-scitokens-cpp through condor, scitokens-cpp, xrootd
  • auto-secsipidx through kamailio
  • auto-shibboleth-sp through moonshot-gss-eap
  • auto-sofia-sip through janus, sofia-sip
  • auto-spandsp through asterisk, gst-plugins-bad1.0, rtpengine
  • auto-spatialite through gdal
  • auto-sphinxbase through subtitlecomposer
  • auto-svt-av1 through gst-plugins-bad1.0
  • auto-taglib through glasscoder, gst-plugins-good1.0, liquidsoap, mixxx, pinot
  • auto-tevent through certmonger, sssd
  • auto-thrift through thrift
  • auto-tidy-html5 through php8.2, psi-plus, ring
  • auto-tpm2-tss through strongswan, tpm2-pkcs11, tpm2-tools, tpm2-tss, tpm2-tss-engine
  • auto-tslib through qt6-base
  • auto-udns through jabberd2
  • auto-upperlimit-ppp through network-manager-l2tp, ppp, sstp-client
  • auto-usbredir through spice-gtk
  • auto-uw-imap through asterisk, php8.2, uw-imap
  • auto-v4l-utils through gambas3, gst-plugins-good1.0
  • auto-vanessa-socket through perdition
  • auto-vdeplug4 through vde2
  • auto-voms through cgsi-gsoap, condor, lcmaps, myproxy, voms, xrootd
  • auto-vtk9 through camitk, gdcm, openems, sight
  • auto-wolfssl through lighttpd
  • auto-wpewebkit through gst-plugins-bad1.0
  • auto-wvstreams through wvstreams
  • auto-wxwidgets3.2 through boinc, erlang, freefilesync, opencpn, poedit, springlobby, trustedqsl
  • auto-xerces-c through ace, camitk, far2l, gdal, moonshot-gss-eap, xml-security-c, xmltooling
  • auto-xmlrpc-c through rtpengine
  • auto-xmlsec1 through lasso, nordugrid-arc, open-vm-tools, xmlsec1
  • auto-xmltooling through moonshot-gss-eap, xmltooling
  • auto-xrootd through nordugrid-arc, xrootd
  • auto-zbar through gst-plugins-bad1.0
  • auto-zeroc-ice through mumble, zeroc-ice
  • auto-zlib through globalplatform, libxlsxwriter, psi-plus, springlobby, telegram-desktop, virtuoso-opensource
  • auto-zvbi through gst-plugins-bad1.0
  • db5.3-rm through 389-ds-base, apr-util, bind9, boxbackup, bruteforce-wallet, c-icap, cyrus-imapd, cyrus-sasl2, dogecoin, dovecot, dsniff, glusterfs, gridengine, inn2, isync, jabberd2, kamailio, litecoin, monero, netatalk, nmh, nordugrid-arc, opendkim, opensmtpd, perdition, php8.2, postfix, python3.11, python3.12, sendmail, swi-prolog, uwsgi, wvstreams
  • fuse-to-fuse3 through afflib, apt-cacher-ng, btfs, casync, ceph, encfs, fossil, freerdp3, httpdirfs-fuse, libewf, libfsapfs, open-vm-tools, s3backer, sra-sdk, swtpm, xrdp, xrootd, zfs-fuse
  • haskell through glirc, haskell-haxr, haskell-hookup, haskell-hsopenssl, haskell-hsopenssl-x509-system, haskell-http-streams, haskell-openssl-streams
  • libglib2.0-0t64 through alsa-scarlett-gui, amanda, asterisk, barnowl, boinc, cairo-dock-plug-ins, cardpeek, clevis, createrepo-c, ddnet, dnssec-trigger, efl, eiskaltdcpp, ettercap, freefilesync, gambas3, gensio, gftp, gnubiff, grisbi, growl-for-linux, grub-customizer, gst-plugins-bad1.0, gst-plugins-good1.0, guacamole-server, hexchat, hydra, irssi, janus, keepalived, lasso, libapache2-mod-auth-mellon, libgwenhywfar, librepo, libsylph, libwebsockets, libzypp, links2, macopix, megatools, mender-client, mixxx, moonshot-trust-router, moonshot-ui, netatalk, netsurf, network-manager-l2tp, nextcloud-desktop, nheko, nordugrid-arc, open-vm-tools, openhpi, opensc, openssh, peony, performous, pinot, pipewire, poedit, pulseaudio, qt6-base, qtbase-opensource-src, rauc, remmina, ring, rspamd, rtpengine, shairport-sync, sofia-sip, sogo, spice, spice-gtk, springlobby, srain, storm-lang, strongswan, swirc, swtpm, sylpheed, syslog-ng, systemd, telegram-desktop, thrift, transmission, uget, uxplay, wesnoth-1.16, xmms2
  • libnetcdf19t64 through camitk, gdal, openems
  • libsoup3 through remmina, srain
  • mpi-defaults through hdf5
  • ocaml through caml-crush, liquidsoap, ocaml-cohttp, ocaml-ssl, ocsigenserver
  • openmpi-rm32 through genomicsdb, hdf5
  • pcre3-to-pcre2 through 389-ds-base, apache2, c-icap, cfengine3, clamav, condor, cyrus-imapd, e2guardian, edbrowse, eiskaltdcpp, ettercap, far2l, gambas3, gdal, haproxy, httest, hydra, imapfilter, kamailio, keepalived, libapache2-mod-auth-openidc, libapache2-mod-qos, libpam-mount, lighttpd, mariadb, nginx, nmap, php8.2, poco, postfix, proftpd-dfsg, qt6-base, qtbase-opensource-src, rspamd, rtpengine, snort, sssd, swi-prolog, syslog-ng, systemd, tf5, tin, trafficserver, uwsgi, virtuoso-opensource, watchman, wget, xymon, zabbix
  • perl-5.38.2t64 through amanda, cyrus-imapd, glgrib, inn2, irssi, lasso, libcrypt-openssl-bignum-perl, libcrypt-openssl-dsa-perl, libcrypt-openssl-ec-perl, libcrypt-openssl-pkcs10-perl, libcrypt-openssl-pkcs12-perl, libcrypt-openssl-random-perl, libcrypt-openssl-rsa-perl, libcrypt-openssl-x509-perl, libcrypt-smime-perl, libcrypt-ssleay-perl, libnet-dns-sec-perl, libnet-ssleay-perl, libnet-tclink-perl, libpoe-filter-ssl-perl, net-snmp, nginx, pcp, xmms2
  • ppp2.5.0 through network-manager-l2tp, sstp-client
  • python3.12-add through 389-ds-base, aioquic, aws-crt-python, azure-uamqp-python, ecflow, freeipa, gdal, grpc, lasso, libloc, m2crypto, opendht, openems, openvswitch, ovn, pycurl, python-cryptography, python-scrypt, qpid-proton, ros-ros-comm, s2geometry, securestring, thrift, uwsgi, watchman, xmms2, xrt, zfs-linux
  • python3.12-default through borgbackup, borgbackup2, calibre, camitk, ceph, condor, createrepo-c, freeradius, gdcm, gensio, glgrib, hexchat, inn2, kamailio, kitty, kvirc, ldns, libewf, libfsapfs, libimobiledevice, libnvme, librepo, libtorrent-rasterbar, lintian-brush, linux, nbdkit, nordugrid-arc, omniorb-dfsg, openems, pcp, postgresql-16, python3.12, remmina, sssd, syslog-ng, unbound, uwsgi, virtualbox, xrootd, zeroc-ice, znc
  • qtbase-abi-5-15-13 through kitinerary, qtbase-opensource-src, subtitlecomposer, telegram-desktop, veyon
  • rust through 389-ds-base, cargo, hippotat, lintian-brush, rust-cargo-c, rust-cargo-outdated, rust-condure, rust-debcargo, rust-drt-tools, rust-ripasso-cursive, rust-sequoia-chameleon-gnupg, rust-sequoia-octopus-librnp, rust-sequoia-sq, rust-sequoia-wot, rust-tealdeer, rustup, sccache
  • webkit2gtk-4.0 through gambas3, remmina