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Dependency level 1 (build logs RC bugs)amd64arm64armelarmhfi386mips64elmipselppc64els390x
phonon[build logs] (4:4.10.3-3) [ma:same]
qt4-x11[build logs] (4:4.8.7+dfsg-19) [ma:same]
Dependency level 2 (build logs RC bugs)amd64arm64armelarmhfi386mips64elmipselppc64els390x
auralquiz[build logs] (1.0.0-2)
blinken[build logs] (4:17.08.3-2)
klettres[build logs] (4:17.08.3-2)
kmplayer[build logs] (1:0.12.0b-3)
knotifications[build logs] (5.54.0-1) [ma:same]
ksirk[build logs] (4:18.04.1-1)
libkcompactdisc[build logs] (4:17.08.3-2)
libkf5mailcommon[build logs] (4:18.08.3-2) [ma:same]
marble[build logs] (4:19.08.1-1)
phonon-backend-gstreamer[build logs] (4:4.9.1-2) [ma:same]
phonon-backend-vlc[build logs] (0.10.3-2) [ma:same]
python-qt4[build logs] (4.12.1+dfsg-2)
soundkonverter[build logs] (3.0.1-1)
subtitlecomposer[build logs] (0.7.0-1)
Dependency level 3 (build logs RC bugs)amd64arm64armelarmhfi386mips64elmipselppc64els390x
basket[build logs] (2.49-1)
dolphin[build logs] (4:18.08.0-1) [ma:same]
dragon[build logs] (4:17.08.3-1)
gwenview[build logs] (4:18.04.0-1.1)
juk[build logs] (4:18.08.1-1)
kalarm[build logs] (4:18.08.3-1)
khtml[build logs] (5.54.0-1) [ma:same]
kmousetool[build logs] (4:18.04.1-1)
knotifyconfig[build logs] (5.54.0-1) [ma:same]
korganizer[build logs] (4:18.08.3-1)
kphotoalbum[build logs] (5.5-1)
kvirc[build logs] (4:5.0.0+dfsg-1) [ma:same]
Dependency level 4 (build logs RC bugs)amd64arm64armelarmhfi386mips64elmipselppc64els390x
kio-extras[build logs] (4:18.08.3-1)
konversation[build logs] (1.7.5-1)
ktorrent[build logs] (5.1.2-1)
kwordquiz[build logs] (4:17.08.3-1)
okular[build logs] (4:17.12.2-2.2)
plasma-workspace[build logs] (4:
Dependency level 5 (build logs RC bugs)amd64arm64armelarmhfi386mips64elmipselppc64els390x
calligra[build logs] (1:3.1.0+dfsg-5)
plasma-desktop[build logs] (4:
  • auto-cfitsio through gwenview
  • auto-enchant through kvirc
  • auto-exiv2 through gwenview, kphotoalbum
  • auto-gpsd through marble, plasma-workspace
  • auto-gsl through calligra
  • auto-icu through subtitlecomposer
  • auto-ilmbase through calligra
  • auto-libgit2 through calligra
  • auto-libmng through qt4-x11
  • auto-libqalculate through plasma-workspace
  • auto-okular through calligra, okular
  • auto-openexr through kio-extras
  • libqt5gui5-gles through auralquiz, basket, blinken, calligra, dolphin, dragon, gwenview, juk, kalarm, khtml, kio-extras, klettres, kmousetool, kmplayer, knotifications, knotifyconfig, konversation, korganizer, kphotoalbum, ksirk, ktorrent, kvirc, kwordquiz, libkf5mailcommon, marble, okular, phonon, phonon-backend-gstreamer, phonon-backend-vlc, plasma-desktop, plasma-workspace, soundkonverter, subtitlecomposer
  • perl through kvirc
  • python2-rm through kvirc, python-qt4