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Dependency level 1 (build logs RC bugs)amd64arm64armelarmhfi386mips64elmipselppc64els390x
cyrus-sasl2[build logs] (2.1.27+dfsg-2.1) [ma:same]
heimdal[build logs] (7.7.0+dfsg-2) [ma:same]
krb5[build logs] (1.18.3-7) [ma:same]
lcmaps-plugins-basic[build logs] (1.7.1-1)
openldap[build logs] (2.4.59+dfsg-1) [ma:same]
postgresql-14[build logs] (14.0-1) [ma:same]
proxy-suite[build logs] (
Dependency level 2 (build logs RC bugs)amd64arm64armelarmhfi386mips64elmipselppc64els390x
adcli[build logs] (0.9.1-1)
alpine[build logs] (2.25+dfsg1-1)
anope[build logs] (2.0.9-1)
apr-util[build logs] (1.6.1-5) [ma:same]
audit[build logs] (1:3.0.6-1) [ma:same]
balsa[build logs] (2.6.3-1)
bind-dyndb-ldap[build logs] (11.9-3)
courier-authlib[build logs] (0.71.1-2)
cpu[build logs] (1.4.3-13)
cups-filters[build logs] (1.28.10-2) [ma:same]
curl[build logs] (7.74.0-1.3) [ma:same]
cyrus-imspd[build logs] (1.8-5)
dico[build logs] (2.10-1) [ma:same]
dlz-ldap-enum[build logs] (1.1.0-1.1)
dovecot[build logs] (1:2.3.16+dfsg1-3)
evolution-data-server[build logs] (3.42.0-2) [ma:same]
exim4[build logs] (4.95-2)
gconf[build logs] (3.2.6-7) [ma:same]
gfal2[build logs] (2.20.0-1) [ma:same]
gfarm[build logs] (2.7.17+dfsg-1) [ma:same]
gnarwl[build logs] (3.6.dfsg-13)
golang-openldap[build logs] (0.2-2) [arch:all]
gvm-libs (sid only)[build logs] (21.4.2-2) [ma:same]
inspircd[build logs] (3.8.1-2)
isc-dhcp[build logs] (4.4.1-2.3)
jabberd2[build logs] (2.7.0-2)
kldap[build logs] (21.08.1-1) [ma:same]
krb5-sync[build logs] (3.1-3) [ma:same]
ldap-haskell[build logs] (0.6.11-4)
ldap2dns[build logs] (0.3.1-3.2)
ldap2zone[build logs] (0.2-11)
ldapvi[build logs] (1.7-10)
ldb[build logs] (2:2.2.0-3.1) [ma:same]
libaws[build logs] (20.2-2) [ma:same]
libmozilla-ldap-perl[build logs] (1.5.3-3)
libnet-ldapapi-perl[build logs] (3.0.7-2)
libnfsidmap[build logs] (0.25-6) [ma:same]
libnss-ldap[build logs] (265-6) [ma:same]
libpam-ldap[build logs] (186-4) [ma:same]
lighttpd[build logs] (1.4.59-2)
lua-ldap[build logs] (1.3.0-1) [ma:same]
mailutils[build logs] (1:3.13-1) [ma:same]
msktutil[build logs] (1.1-1)
myproxy[build logs] (6.2.9-1) [ma:same]
netatalk[build logs] (3.1.12~ds-9)
opencryptoki[build logs] (3.8.1+dfsg-3.2) [ma:same]
openvpn-auth-ldap[build logs] (2.0.4-1)
perdition[build logs] (2.2-3.1)
postfix[build logs] (3.5.6-1)
postgresql-13[build logs] (13.4-3) [ma:same]
prayer[build logs] (1.3.5-dfsg1-8)
proftpd-dfsg[build logs] (1.3.7c+dfsg-1)
pure-ftpd[build logs] (1.0.49-4.1)
python-ldap[build logs] (3.2.0-4) [ma:same]
quota[build logs] (4.06-1)
realmd[build logs] (0.17.0-1)
ruby-ldap[build logs] (0.9.20-2) [ma:same]
sarg (sid only)[build logs] (2.4.0-1)
seahorse[build logs] (41.0-1)
sendmail[build logs] (8.16.1-2) [ma:same]
sope[build logs] (5.2.0-1) [ma:same]
squid[build logs] (5.2-1)
squidguard[build logs] (1.6.0-2)
sylpheed[build logs] (3.7.0-8)
veyon[build logs] (4.5.3+repack1-1) [ma:same]
virtuoso-opensource[build logs] (
wine[build logs] (5.0.3-3) [ma:same]
wine-development (sid only)[build logs] (6.0+repack-1) [ma:same]
xemacs21 (sid only)[build logs] (21.4.24-9)
xymon[build logs] (4.3.30-1)
yubico-pam[build logs] (2.26-1.1)
Dependency level 3 (build logs RC bugs)amd64arm64armelarmhfi386mips64elmipselppc64els390x
389-ds-base[build logs] ( [ma:same]
apache2[build logs] (2.4.51-2) [ma:same]
asterisk[build logs] (1:16.16.1~dfsg-2)
ceph[build logs] (14.2.21-1.1)
certmonger[build logs] (0.79.14+git20211010-2)
claws-mail[build logs] (3.18.0-1) [ma:same]
condor (sid only)[build logs] (8.6.8~dfsg.1-2)
evolution[build logs] (3.42.0-2)
glewlwyd[build logs] (2.5.2-3)
gnupg2[build logs] (2.2.27-2)
kamailio[build logs] (5.4.4-1) [ma:same]
kopanocore (sid only)[build logs] (8.7.0-7.1) [ma:same]
libreswan[build logs] (4.3-1)
lua-apr (sid only)[build logs] (0.23.2.dfsg-4) [ma:same]
nordugrid-arc[build logs] (6.13.0-1)
nss-pam-ldapd[build logs] (0.9.11-1) [ma:same]
opendkim[build logs] (2.11.0~beta2-5) [ma:same]
pam-pkcs11[build logs] (0.6.11-4)
pdns[build logs] (4.4.1-3)
strongswan[build logs] (5.9.4-1)
sudo[build logs] (1.9.5p2-3)
Dependency level 4 (build logs RC bugs)amd64arm64armelarmhfi386mips64elmipselppc64els390x
courier[build logs] (1.0.16-3)
cyrus-imapd[build logs] (3.4.2-2) [ma:same]
dogtag-pki[build logs] (11.0.0-1)
libapache2-mod-ldap-userdir[build logs] (1.1.19-2.1)
libreoffice[build logs] (1:7.2.2-1)
mod-vhost-ldap[build logs] (2.4.0-1)
php7.4[build logs] (7.4.21-1+deb11u1)
php8.0 (sid only)[build logs] (8.0.8-1)
samba[build logs] (2:4.13.5+dfsg-2) [ma:same]
uwsgi[build logs] (2.0.20-2)
webauth[build logs] (4.7.0-8) [ma:same]
x2goclient[build logs] (
zabbix[build logs] (1:5.0.14+dfsg-1)
Dependency level 5 (build logs RC bugs)amd64arm64armelarmhfi386mips64elmipselppc64els390x
freeradius[build logs] (3.0.21+dfsg-3)
sssd[build logs] (2.5.2-4) [ma:same]
Dependency level 6 (build logs RC bugs)amd64arm64armelarmhfi386mips64elmipselppc64els390x
autofs[build logs] (5.1.7-1)
freeipa (sid only)[build logs] (4.9.7-1) [ma:same]
  • auto-coinmp through libreoffice
  • auto-hiredis through freeradius, gvm-libs, kamailio, proftpd-dfsg
  • auto-icu through 389-ds-base, cyrus-imapd, dovecot, evolution-data-server, kopanocore, libreoffice, php7.4, php8.0, postfix, postgresql-13, postgresql-14, samba
  • auto-libcbor through glewlwyd
  • auto-libsemanage through sssd
  • auto-liburing through samba
  • auto-openssl through alpine, apache2, apr-util, asterisk, ceph, certmonger, condor, curl, cyrus-imapd, cyrus-sasl2, dovecot, freeipa, freeradius, gfarm, jabberd2, kamailio, kopanocore, krb5, lighttpd, myproxy, netatalk, nordugrid-arc, opencryptoki, opendkim, pam-pkcs11, pdns, perdition, php7.4, php8.0, postfix, postgresql-13, postgresql-14, prayer, proftpd-dfsg, pure-ftpd, sendmail, sope, squid, sssd, strongswan, sylpheed, uwsgi, veyon, virtuoso-opensource, webauth, xymon
  • auto-perl through claws-mail, courier, exim4, freeradius, kamailio, openldap, postgresql-13, postgresql-14, uwsgi
  • auto-poppler through libreoffice
  • auto-protobuf through pdns
  • auto-tidy-html5 through php7.4, php8.0, prayer
  • auto-unixodbc through apr-util, asterisk, kamailio, openldap, pdns, perdition, php7.4, php8.0, proftpd-dfsg, zabbix
  • auto-yaml-cpp through pdns
  • db5.3-rm through 389-ds-base, apr-util, cyrus-imapd, cyrus-sasl2, dovecot, evolution-data-server, exim4, heimdal, jabberd2, kamailio, mailutils, netatalk, nordugrid-arc, opendkim, openldap, perdition, php7.4, php8.0, postfix, prayer, sendmail, squidguard, uwsgi, xemacs21
  • haskell through ldap-haskell
  • libgdk-pixbuf-2.0-0 through balsa, claws-mail, evolution, libreoffice, seahorse, sylpheed
  • postgresql-14 through postgresql-13, postgresql-14
  • python2-rm through condor
  • python3.10-add through 389-ds-base, audit, dico, freeipa, python-ldap, uwsgi
  • ruby3.0-add through kamailio, ruby-ldap, uwsgi
  • unversioned-python-rm through condor