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Dependency level 1 (build logs RC bugs)amd64arm64armelarmhfi386mips64elppc64elriscv64s390x
alsa-lib[build logs] (1.2.10-3) [ma:same]
alsa-ucm-conf[build logs] (1.2.10-1) [arch:all]
desmume[build logs] (0.9.11-7)
game-data-packager[build logs] (76)
google-android-installers[build logs] (1707406511)
java-package[build logs] (0.63) [arch:all]
libexadrums[build logs] (0.7.0-1) [ma:same]
oscpack[build logs] (1.1.0-3) [ma:same]
qwertone (sid only)[build logs] (0.3.0-2)
rust-speakersafetyd[build logs] (0.1.9-1)
Dependency level 2 (build logs RC bugs)amd64arm64armelarmhfi386mips64elppc64elriscv64s390x
acm[build logs] (6.0+20200416-1.1)
adplay[build logs] (1.8.1-3)
allegro4.4[build logs] (2: [ma:same]
alsa-oss[build logs] (1.1.8-2)
alsa-utils[build logs] (1.2.10-1.1)
alsaequal[build logs] (0.6-8) [ma:same]
amoeba[build logs] (1.1-31)
apulse[build logs] (0.1.13-2) [ma:same]
aseqjoy[build logs] (0.0.2-1)
awesfx[build logs] (0.5.2-1.1)
bluez[build logs] (5.71-1) [ma:same]
clalsadrv[build logs] (2.0.0-4)
clanlib[build logs] (1.0~svn3827-11) [ma:same][build logs] (1.0.0-2)
direwolf[build logs] (1.7+dfsg-2)
dosbox[build logs] (0.74-3-5)
drawterm-9front[build logs] (0~git20220608.bee4db6-3)
dsmidiwifi[build logs] (2)
ecere-sdk (sid only)[build logs] (0.44.15-1) [ma:same]
emacs[build logs] (1:29.1+1-5)
entropybroker[build logs] (2.9-7)
flite[build logs] (2.2-6) [ma:same]
fltk1.3[build logs] (1.3.8-6) [ma:same]
gdigi[build logs] (0.4.0+git20200615+1c2c89f-3)
gensio[build logs] (2.8.2-6) [ma:same]
gkrellm-volume[build logs] (2.1.13-1.1)
gst-plugins-base1.0[build logs] (1.22.10-1) [ma:same]
haskell-alsa-core[build logs] (
iannix[build logs] (0.9.20~dfsg1-1)
ices2[build logs] (2.0.3-1)
jdim[build logs] (0.10.1-1)
juce[build logs] (7.0.5+ds-1) [ma:same]
knowthelist[build logs] (2.3.1-1)
libkcompactdisc[build logs] (4:22.12.3-1) [ma:same]
libomxalsa[build logs] (0.1-3)
libopenshot-audio[build logs] (0.3.2+dfsg1-2) [ma:same]
libquicktime[build logs] (2:1.2.4-15) [ma:same]
lxpanel[build logs] (0.10.1-4)
madplay[build logs] (0.15.2b-10)
midish[build logs] (1.0.4-1.2)
mpg321[build logs] (0.3.2-3.1)
mudita24[build logs] (1.0.3+svn13-7)
nted[build logs] (1.10.18-13)
ocaml-alsa[build logs] (0.3.0-4)
openjdk-11 (sid only)[build logs] (11.0.22+7-2) [ma:same]
openjdk-17[build logs] (17.0.10+7-1) [ma:same]
openjdk-19 (sid only)[build logs] (19.0.2+7-4) [ma:same]
openjdk-20 (sid only)[build logs] (20.0.2+9-1) [ma:same]
openjdk-21[build logs] (21.0.2+13-2) [ma:same]
openjdk-22[build logs] (22~32ea-1) [ma:same]
openjdk-23[build logs] (23~10ea-1) [ma:same]
osmid[build logs] (0.8.0~repack-3)
osmose-emulator[build logs] (1.6-1)
pax-britannica[build logs] (1.0.0-5)
pmidi[build logs] (1.7.1-2)
pnmixer[build logs] (0.7.2-1)
pommed[build logs] (1.39~dfsg-5.2)
portmidi[build logs] (1:217-6.1) [ma:same]
pyalsaaudio[build logs] (0.10.0-0.1)
python-pyalsa[build logs] (1.2.7-1)
qastools[build logs] (1.4.0-1)
qxgedit[build logs] (0.9.12-1)
rdesktop[build logs] (1.9.0-2)
rust-alsa-sys[build logs] (0.3.1-2) [ma:same]
sl-modem[build logs] (2.9.11~20110321-19)
sndio[build logs] (1.9.0-0.3) [ma:same]
soundmodem[build logs] (0.20-6)
spice-vdagent[build logs] (0.22.1-4)
stormbaancoureur[build logs] (2.1.6-3.1)
stymulator[build logs] (0.21a~dfsg-3)
sugar-toolkit-gtk3[build logs] (0.121-1) [ma:same]
[build logs] (19.09.2-1) [ma:same]
tk707[build logs] (0.8-2)
tse3[build logs] (0.3.1-6) [ma:same]
tutka[build logs] (1.1.3-2.1)
tvtime[build logs] (1.0.11-8)
v4l-utils[build logs] (1.26.1-3) [ma:same]
vkeybd[build logs] (1:0.1.18d-4)[build logs] (0.8-1)
volumeicon[build logs] (0.5.1+git20230228-1)
wildmidi[build logs] (0.4.3-1) [ma:same]
wmix[build logs] (3.5-2)
xcfa[build logs] (5.0.2-2)
xdemorse[build logs] (3.6.7-1)
xoscope[build logs] (2.3-1)
xscavenger[build logs] (1.4.5-5)
zita-alsa-pcmi[build logs] (0.6.1-1) [ma:same]
Dependency level 3 (build logs RC bugs)amd64arm64armelarmhfi386mips64elppc64elriscv64s390x
aconnectgui[build logs] (0.9.0rc2-1-10.3)
alsa-tools[build logs] (1.2.5-3)
alsamixergui[build logs] (0.9.0rc2-1-10.2)
bluez-alsa[build logs] (4.1.1-1) [ma:same]
e17[build logs] (0.26.0-2)
haskell-alsa-mixer[build logs] (0.3.0-4)
jack-audio-connection-kit[build logs] (1:0.126.0-2) [ma:same]
libsndfile[build logs] (1.2.2-1) [ma:same]
lirc[build logs] (0.10.2-0.6) [ma:same]
mpg123[build logs] (1.32.4-1) [ma:same]
openjfx[build logs] (11.0.11+1-3.1)
portaudio19[build logs] (19.6.0-1.2) [ma:same]
pulseaudio[build logs] (16.1+dfsg1-3) [ma:same]
Dependency level 4 (build logs RC bugs)amd64arm64armelarmhfi386mips64elppc64elriscv64s390x
aegisub[build logs] (3.2.2+dfsg-7.1)
aeolus[build logs] (0.10.4-1)
aj-snapshot[build logs] (0.9.9-4)
alsaplayer[build logs] (0.99.81-2) [ma:same]
audiotools[build logs] (3.1.1-1.1)
audmes[build logs] (2023.10.24-2)
bespokesynth[build logs] (1.2.1+dfsg-4)
bristol[build logs] (0.60.11-4)
brutefir[build logs] (1.0o-2)
cairo-dock-plug-ins[build logs] (3.4.1+git20201022.a0d3415c-1.1)
cava-alsa[build logs] (0.7.4-1)
chuck[build logs] (
clementine[build logs] (1.4.0~rc1+git867-g9ef681b0e+dfsg-1)
darkice[build logs] (1.3-0.3)
dssi[build logs] (1.1.1~dfsg0-5)
ecasound[build logs] (2.9.3-4) [ma:same]
elektroid[build logs] (3.0.1-1)
firefox (sid only)[build logs] (123.0-1)
firefox-esr[build logs] (115.8.0esr-1)
fische[build logs] (3.2.2-7)
gmerlin[build logs] (2.0.0~svn6298~dfsg0-3) [ma:same]
gmidimonitor[build logs] (3.6+dfsg0-4)
gnuais[build logs] (0.3.3-9)
gwc[build logs] (0.22.05-1)
horgand[build logs] (1.14-8)
hydrogen[build logs] (1.2.0~beta1+dfsg-1)
i3status[build logs] (2.14-2)
iem-plugin-suite[build logs] (1.14.1-1)
jackd2[build logs] (1.9.21~dfsg-3) [ma:same]
libcanberra[build logs] (0.30-11) [ma:same]
libmatemixer[build logs] (1.26.1-1) [ma:same]
libvisual-plugins[build logs] (1:0.4.2+dfsg-2) [ma:same]
lxqt-panel[build logs] (1.3.0-1)
mangler[build logs] (1.2.5-5) [ma:same]
mhwaveedit[build logs] (1.4.24-1)
minimodem[build logs] (0.24-1)
morse[build logs] (2.5-2)
musescore2[build logs] (2.3.2+dfsg4-15)
musescore3[build logs] (3.2.3+dfsg2-16)
nvidia-cuda-toolkit[build logs] (12.0.1-4) [ma:same]
openjdk-8 (sid only)[build logs] (8u402-ga-2) [ma:same]
osspd[build logs] (1.3.2-13.1)
pcaudiolib[build logs] (1.2-2) [ma:same]
phasex[build logs] (0.14.97-3)
polybar[build logs] (3.7.1-1)
psychtoolbox-3[build logs] (
puredata[build logs] (0.54.1+ds-4) [ma:same]
python-rtmidi[build logs] (1.5.8-2)
qmidiroute[build logs] (0.4.0-2)
qsstv[build logs] (9.5.8-3)
qtmultimedia-opensource-src[build logs] (5.15.10-2) [ma:same]
quisk[build logs] (4.2.24-1)
rakarrack[build logs] (0.6.1-8)
recordmydesktop[build logs] (0.4.0-1)
sfwbar[build logs] (1.0~beta13-1)
sidplayfp[build logs] (2.6.2-1)
snack[build logs] (
snapcast[build logs] (0.27.0+dfsg-1)
snd[build logs] (24.1-1)
sndobj[build logs] (2.6.7+ds1-3) [ma:same]
sonic-visualiser[build logs] (4.5.2-2)
sooperlooper[build logs] (1.7.8~dfsg0-2)
sox[build logs] (14.4.2+git20190427-4) [ma:same]
speech-dispatcher[build logs] (0.11.5-2) [ma:same]
speech-tools[build logs] (1:2.5.0-13) [ma:same]
thunderbird[build logs] (1:115.8.0-1)
timidity[build logs] (2.14.0-8.1)
traverso[build logs] (0.49.6-1)
twinkle[build logs] (1:1.10.2+dfsg-2)
wf-shell[build logs] (0.8.0+ds-1)
xawtv[build logs] (3.107-2) [ma:same]
xmobar[build logs] (0.46-3)
xmonad-extras[build logs] (0.17.0-2)
xmp[build logs] (4.2.0-1)
xsystem35[build logs] (1.7.3-pre5-10)
zytrax[build logs] (0+git20201215-1.1)
Dependency level 5 (build logs RC bugs)amd64arm64armelarmhfi386mips64elppc64elriscv64s390x
a2jmidid[build logs] (9-3)
ams[build logs] (2.2.1-1)
amsynth[build logs] (1.13.2-1)
brltty[build logs] (6.6-4) [ma:same]
csound[build logs] (1:6.18.1+dfsg-1) [ma:same]
cubeb[build logs] (0.0~git20240115.dd8a91f+ds-1) [ma:same]
drumgizmo[build logs] (0.9.20-3)
drumkv1[build logs] (0.9.34-1)
espeakup[build logs] (1:0.90-13)
fmit[build logs] (1.2.14-0.1)
ghostess[build logs] (20210101-1)
glasscoder[build logs] (2.0.1-2)
gnome-flashback[build logs] (3.50.0-1)
gnome-settings-daemon[build logs] (46~beta-1) [ma:same]
gnuradio[build logs] ( [ma:same]
go-dlib[build logs] ( [arch:all]
gsequencer[build logs] (6.3.5-1) [ma:same]
kmix[build logs] (4:22.12.3-1)
kwave[build logs] (22.12.3-1)
libsdl2[build logs] (2.30.0+dfsg-1) [ma:same]
libsoundio[build logs] (2.0.0-2) [ma:same]
lingot[build logs] (1.1.1-5) [ma:same]
liquidsoap (sid only)[build logs] (2.2.3-1)
mumble[build logs] (1.5.517-1)
naspro-bridges[build logs] (0.5.1-4)
padthv1[build logs] (0.9.34-1)
pipewire[build logs] (1.0.3-1) [ma:same]
praat[build logs] (6.4.05+dfsg-1)
qjackctl[build logs] (0.9.13-1)
qlcplus[build logs] (4.12.7-1)
qmidiarp[build logs] (0.7.0+ds-1)
qmidinet[build logs] (0.9.12-1)
qtractor[build logs] (0.9.39-1)
rosegarden[build logs] (1:22.12.1-2)
rtaudio[build logs] (5.2.0~ds1-2) [ma:same]
rtmidi[build logs] (5.0.0-3) [ma:same]
samplv1[build logs] (0.9.34-1)
shairport-sync[build logs] (3.3.8-1)
synthv1[build logs] (0.9.34-1)
terminatorx[build logs] (4.2.0-1)
ukui-media[build logs] (3.0.4-1)[build logs] (2.4+ds-2)
xwax[build logs] (1.9-1)
yoshimi[build logs] (
zynaddsubfx[build logs] (3.0.6-6)
Dependency level 6 (build logs RC bugs)amd64arm64armelarmhfi386mips64elppc64elriscv64s390x
ares[build logs] (134+dfsg-1)
bochs[build logs] (2.7+dfsg-4)
budgie-desktop[build logs] (10.8.2-3)
chromium[build logs] (122.0.6261.57-1)
dpf-plugins[build logs] (1.7+ds-2)
fbzx[build logs] (4.8.0-2)
ffmpeg[build logs] (7:6.1.1-1) [ma:same]
fluidsynth[build logs] (2.3.4-1) [ma:same]
ft2-clone[build logs] (1.72.1+ds-1)
gbsplay[build logs] (0.0.96-1)
mednafen[build logs] (1.29.0+dfsg-1)
milkytracker[build logs] (
ocp[build logs] (1:0.2.107+ds-1)
openmsx[build logs] (19.1+dfsg-1)
pcsx2[build logs] (1.6.0+dfsg-2)
qemu[build logs] (1:8.2.1+ds-1)
qpwgraph[build logs] (0.6.1-1)
qtwebengine-opensource-src[build logs] (5.15.15+dfsg-2) [ma:same]
tucnak[build logs] (4.52-1)
warzone2100[build logs] (4.4.2-1)
wine[build logs] (9.0~repack-4) [ma:same]
wine-development (sid only)[build logs] (8.21~repack-1) [ma:same]
yambar[build logs] (1.10.0-1)
Dependency level 7 (build logs RC bugs)amd64arm64armelarmhfi386mips64elppc64elriscv64s390x
alsa-plugins[build logs] ( [ma:same]
ardour[build logs] (1:8.2.0+ds-1)
audacious-plugins[build logs] (4.3.1-3) [ma:same]
audacity[build logs] (3.4.2+dfsg-1)
baresip[build logs] (1.0.0-4)
buzztrax[build logs] (0.10.2-9)
cmus[build logs] (2.10.0-4)
dolphin-emu[build logs] (5.0-19870+dfsg-1)
dosbox-x[build logs] (2023.10.06+dfsg-1)
exult[build logs] (1.8-2)
freerdp2[build logs] (2.11.2+dfsg1-1) [ma:same]
freewheeling[build logs] (0.6.6-1)
gpac (sid only)[build logs] (2.2.1+dfsg1-3) [ma:same]
kodi[build logs] (2:20.4+dfsg-1) [ma:same]
lebiniou[build logs] (3.66.0-2)
libdrumstick[build logs] (2.9.0-1) [ma:same]
libtritonus-java[build logs] (20070428-14.1)
lives (sid only)[build logs] (3.0.2-1.2) [ma:same]
lmms[build logs] (1.2.2+dfsg1-6)
mediastreamer2[build logs] (1:5.2.0+dfsg-3.1) [ma:same]
moc[build logs] (1:2.6.0~svn-r3005-3.1) [ma:same]
mpd[build logs] (0.23.14-2)
mplayer[build logs] (2:1.5+svn38446-1)
mpv[build logs] (0.37.0-1) [ma:same]
muse[build logs] (4.2.1-1)
nageru[build logs] (2.3.0-1)
qmmp[build logs] (1.6.2-1)
retroarch[build logs] (
ring[build logs] (20231201.0~ds1-1)
scummvm[build logs] (2.8.0+dfsg-1)
simplescreenrecorder (sid only)[build logs] (0.4.4-3) [ma:same]
squeezelite[build logs] (1.9.9-1449+git20230814.8581aba-1)
supercollider[build logs] (1:3.13.0+repack-1)
tuxguitar[build logs] (1.5.6+dfsg1-8)
vice[build logs] (3.7.1+dfsg1-2)
vlc[build logs] (3.0.20-1) [ma:same]
xine-lib-1.2[build logs] (1.2.13+hg20230710-2) [ma:same]
xjadeo[build logs] (0.8.12-1)
xmms2[build logs] (0.8+dfsg-24)
Dependency level 8 (build logs RC bugs)amd64arm64armelarmhfi386mips64elppc64elriscv64s390x
obs-studio (sid only)[build logs] (30.0.2+dfsg-2) [ma:same]
strawberry[build logs] (1.0.23-1)
webcamoid (sid only)[build logs] (9.1.1-1) [ma:same]
  • auto-allegro4.4 through allegro4.4
  • auto-aribb24 through ffmpeg, vlc
  • auto-at-spi2-core through amsynth, brltty, chromium, firefox, firefox-esr, gnome-flashback, soundmodem, terminatorx, thunderbird, vice
  • auto-audacious through audacious-plugins
  • auto-bctoolbox through mediastreamer2
  • auto-boost1.83 through aegisub
  • auto-capstone through qemu
  • auto-clalsadrv through ams, clalsadrv
  • auto-clanlib through clanlib
  • auto-clthreads through aeolus
  • auto-clxclient through aeolus
  • auto-comedilib through xoscope
  • auto-cups through chromium, freerdp2, gnome-settings-daemon, openjdk-11, openjdk-17, openjdk-19, openjdk-20, openjdk-21, openjdk-22, openjdk-23, openjdk-8
  • auto-curl through ardour, audacious-plugins, dolphin-emu, glasscoder, gnuais, juce, kodi, liquidsoap, lxpanel, moc, mpd, obs-studio, polybar, qemu, qmmp, scummvm, svxlink, warzone2100, xcfa, xmms2
  • auto-cwiid through ardour, kodi
  • auto-directfb through baresip, xine-lib-1.2
  • auto-efl through e17
  • auto-elfutils through bluez, nvidia-cuda-toolkit, v4l-utils
  • auto-fcft through yambar
  • auto-file through liquidsoap, moc, sox, twinkle
  • auto-flac through alsaplayer, audacious-plugins, audacity, bespokesynth, chromium, cmus,, dosbox-x, kwave, libsndfile, liquidsoap, mednafen, moc, mpd, ocp, qmmp, retroarch, scummvm, snapcast, sox, squeezelite, timidity, traverso, vlc, xine-lib-1.2, xmms2
  • auto-fltk1.3 through aconnectgui, alsa-tools, alsamixergui, fltk1.3, horgand, lmms, rakarrack, yoshimi, zynaddsubfx
  • auto-fmtlib through dolphin-emu, gnuradio, kodi, mpd, osmid, ring
  • auto-freerdp2 through freerdp2
  • auto-fuse through osspd
  • auto-fuse3 through qemu
  • auto-gimp through exult
  • auto-glib2.0 through alsa-tools, alsaplayer, amoeba, amsynth, apulse, ardour, ares, audacious-plugins, audacity, baresip, bluez, bluez-alsa, bochs, brltty, budgie-desktop, buzztrax, cairo-dock-plug-ins, chromium, clementine, desmume, elektroid, emacs, exult, ffmpeg, firefox, firefox-esr, fluidsynth, gdigi, gensio, ghostess, gkrellm-volume, gmerlin, gmidimonitor, gnome-flashback, gnome-settings-daemon, gnuais, gsequencer, gst-plugins-base1.0, gwc, jdim, knowthelist, lebiniou, libcanberra, libmatemixer, libvisual-plugins, lingot, liquidsoap, lives, lxpanel, mangler, mhwaveedit, mplayer, mudita24, muse, nted, nvidia-cuda-toolkit, obs-studio, openjdk-17, openjdk-19, openjdk-20, openjdk-21, openjdk-22, openjdk-23, openjdk-8, openjfx, pcsx2, phasex, pipewire, pnmixer, praat, psychtoolbox-3, pulseaudio, qemu, qtmultimedia-opensource-src, qtwebengine-opensource-src, qwertone, ring, scummvm, sfwbar, shairport-sync, soundmodem, speech-dispatcher, spice-vdagent, strawberry, sugar-toolkit-gtk3, terminatorx, thunderbird, timidity, tucnak, ukui-media, vice, vlc, volumeicon, webcamoid, wf-shell, wine, wine-development, xcfa, xdemorse, xmms2, xmobar, xoscope, xsystem35, zytrax
  • auto-glibmm2.4 through ardour, jdim, mangler, wf-shell, zytrax
  • auto-gnome-bluetooth through budgie-desktop
  • auto-gnome-desktop through budgie-desktop, gnome-flashback, gnome-settings-daemon
  • auto-gnuradio through gnuradio
  • auto-gnutls28 through emacs, ffmpeg, jdim, qemu, rdesktop, ring, vlc
  • auto-gpac through gpac
  • auto-gpsd through direwolf
  • auto-graphicsmagick through xine-lib-1.2
  • auto-gtk+2.0 through alsa-tools, alsaplayer, amsynth, ardour, baresip, exult, ghostess, gkrellm-volume, gwc, java-package, mangler, mhwaveedit, mplayer, mudita24, nted, nvidia-cuda-toolkit, openjdk-17, openjdk-19, openjdk-20, openjdk-21, openjdk-22, openjdk-23, openjdk-8, openjfx, phasex, soundmodem, timidity, xsystem35
  • auto-gtk+3.0 through alsa-tools, amoeba, ares, audacious-plugins, audacity, bochs, budgie-desktop, buzztrax, cairo-dock-plug-ins, chromium, elektroid, emacs, exult, firefox, firefox-esr, gdigi, gmerlin, gmidimonitor, gnome-flashback, gnome-settings-daemon, gnuais, jdim, libcanberra, lingot, lives, lxpanel, openjdk-17, openjdk-19, openjdk-20, openjdk-21, openjdk-22, openjdk-23, openjfx, pcsx2, pnmixer, praat, qemu, qwertone, scummvm, sfwbar, spice-vdagent, sugar-toolkit-gtk3, terminatorx, thunderbird, ukui-media, vice, vlc, volumeicon, wf-shell, xcfa, xdemorse, xoscope, zytrax
  • auto-gtkmm2.4 through ardour, mangler
  • auto-gtkmm3.0 through jdim, wf-shell, zytrax
  • auto-hamlib through direwolf, qsstv, soundmodem, tucnak
  • auto-icu through aegisub, brltty, freerdp2, mpd, qtwebengine-opensource-src, strawberry
  • auto-imagemagick through lebiniou
  • auto-imlib2 through xjadeo
  • auto-jpeg-xl through ffmpeg
  • auto-libaio through pcsx2, qemu
  • auto-libarchive through ardour, hydrogen, mpv, qmmp, ring, vlc
  • auto-libcanberra through budgie-desktop, gnome-flashback, gnome-settings-daemon, kmix, libcanberra, pipewire, ukui-media
  • auto-libcapi20-3 through wine, wine-development
  • auto-libccrtp through twinkle
  • auto-libcdio through audacious-plugins, audiotools, clementine, cmus, gmerlin, kodi, mpd, mplayer, mpv, qmmp, strawberry, xine-lib-1.2, xmms2
  • auto-libcdio-paranoia through audacious-plugins, audiotools, cmus, ffmpeg, gmerlin, mpd, mplayer, mpv, qmmp, xmms2
  • auto-libcrypto++ through entropybroker
  • auto-libdrumstick through libdrumstick
  • auto-libdv through libquicktime, lives, mplayer, xawtv
  • auto-libdvdread through mplayer, vlc, xine-lib-1.2
  • auto-libetpan through cairo-dock-plug-ins
  • auto-libevent through chromium, firefox, firefox-esr, qtwebengine-opensource-src, thunderbird
  • auto-libexadrums through libexadrums
  • auto-libfm through lxpanel
  • auto-libfreenect through psychtoolbox-3
  • auto-libgig through lmms
  • auto-libgphoto2 through wine, wine-development
  • auto-libgpod through clementine, strawberry
  • auto-libgtkdatabox through xoscope
  • auto-libgweather4 through gnome-settings-daemon
  • auto-libical3 through bluez, cairo-dock-plug-ins
  • auto-libieee1284 through scummvm
  • auto-libmicrohttpd through kodi, nageru
  • auto-libmng through mplayer, xine-lib-1.2
  • auto-libmpdclient through mpd, polybar, sfwbar, yambar
  • auto-libmtp through clementine, strawberry, vlc
  • auto-libnatpmp through ring
  • auto-libopenmpt through audacious-plugins, ffmpeg, mpd
  • auto-libopenshot-audio through libopenshot-audio
  • auto-libotr through thunderbird
  • auto-libpcap through dosbox-x, mediastreamer2, wine, wine-development
  • auto-libplist through kodi
  • auto-libpng1.6 through allegro4.4, amoeba, baresip, bespokesynth, chromium, clanlib, dosbox, dosbox-x, ecere-sdk, emacs, exult, fltk1.3, gmerlin, gpac, gst-plugins-base1.0, iem-plugin-suite, juce, kodi, libquicktime, liquidsoap, lives, mplayer, nvidia-cuda-toolkit, ocp, openjdk-11, openjdk-17, openjdk-19, openjdk-20, openjdk-21, openjdk-22, openjdk-23, openjdk-8, openmsx, pcsx2, qemu, qtwebengine-opensource-src, scummvm, sox, timidity, tvtime, vice, vlc, warzone2100, xine-lib-1.2, xmobar
  • auto-libre through baresip
  • auto-libselinux through emacs, pipewire, qemu
  • auto-libsmf through drumgizmo
  • auto-libsodium through warzone2100
  • auto-libspatialaudio through vlc
  • auto-libssh2 through vlc
  • auto-libstatgrab through lxqt-panel
  • auto-libstb through dolphin-emu
  • auto-libsysstat through lxqt-panel
  • auto-libvpx through baresip, ffmpeg, firefox, firefox-esr, mediastreamer2, qtwebengine-opensource-src, thunderbird, xine-lib-1.2
  • auto-libwebsockets through ardour
  • auto-libxt through brltty, emacs, libquicktime, snd, timidity, xawtv
  • auto-libzia through tucnak
  • auto-libzip through elektroid
  • auto-lirc through audacious-plugins, kodi, lirc, mplayer, pulseaudio, rosegarden, squeezelite, vlc, xawtv
  • auto-llvm-toolchain-14 through google-android-installers
  • auto-mate-desktop through ukui-media
  • auto-mbedtls through dolphin-emu, obs-studio
  • auto-mediastreamer2 through mediastreamer2
  • auto-mgba through dolphin-emu
  • auto-mjpegtools through lives
  • auto-mpg123 through audacious-plugins, audacity, audiotools, baresip, libsndfile, mpd, mpg123, mplayer, qmmp, snack, squeezelite, vlc,, xmms2
  • auto-mutter through budgie-desktop
  • auto-neon27 through audacious-plugins
  • auto-nettle through freewheeling, qemu, rdesktop, ring
  • auto-obs-studio through obs-studio
  • auto-ode through stormbaancoureur
  • auto-opendht through ring
  • auto-openipmi through gensio
  • auto-openssl through cairo-dock-plug-ins, freerdp2, gensio, glasscoder, liquidsoap, mumble, pipewire, pulseaudio, ring, shairport-sync, squeezelite, xmms2
  • auto-orc through buzztrax, gst-plugins-base1.0, pulseaudio
  • auto-pam through e17, freerdp2, gensio, gnome-flashback, go-dlib
  • auto-phonon through libkcompactdisc
  • auto-pipewire through audacious-plugins, fluidsynth, kodi, mpd, mpv, obs-studio, pipewire, qemu, qmmp, qpwgraph, webcamoid, yambar
  • auto-plib through stormbaancoureur
  • auto-poco through mumble
  • auto-portsmf through audacity
  • auto-protobuf through clementine, mumble, nageru, strawberry, vlc
  • auto-pupnp through mpd, ring, vlc
  • auto-qm-dsp through ardour
  • auto-qt6-quick3d through ring
  • auto-qwt through gnuradio
  • auto-rdma-core through nvidia-cuda-toolkit, qemu
  • auto-re2 through qtwebengine-opensource-src
  • auto-readline through aeolus, ardour, bluez, bochs, ecasound, fluidsynth, jackd2, midish, nvidia-cuda-toolkit, pipewire, supercollider, twinkle, vice, xmms2, yoshimi
  • auto-rem through baresip
  • auto-rtaudio through muse, rtaudio
  • auto-rtmidi through milkytracker, rtmidi
  • auto-samba through ffmpeg, kodi, mpd, mplayer, vlc, xine-lib-1.2, xmms2
  • auto-sndobj through sndobj
  • auto-source-highlight through nvidia-cuda-toolkit
  • auto-spandsp through baresip, mediastreamer2
  • auto-sphinxbase through ffmpeg
  • auto-taglib through ardour, clementine,, glasscoder, knowthelist, kodi, liquidsoap, moc, qmmp, strawberry, vlc, xcfa
  • auto-thrift through gnuradio
  • auto-tidy-html5 through ring
  • auto-ucommon through twinkle
  • auto-uhd through gnuradio
  • auto-ulfius through lebiniou
  • auto-usbredir through qemu
  • auto-util-linux through audacity, budgie-desktop, e17, gmerlin, gsequencer, obs-studio, ring
  • auto-v4l-utils through gmerlin, obs-studio, qsstv, retroarch, simplescreenrecorder, v4l-utils, webcamoid, xawtv, xine-lib-1.2
  • auto-vdeplug4 through qemu
  • auto-volk through gnuradio
  • auto-wireless-tools through lxpanel
  • auto-wxwidgets3.2 through aegisub, audacity, audmes, bochs, pcsx2, sooperlooper
  • auto-xen through qemu
  • auto-zeroc-ice through mumble
  • auto-zita-alsa-pcmi through aeolus, jackd2, zita-alsa-pcmi
  • auto-zlib through chromium, dosbox-x, libexadrums, qtwebengine-opensource-src
  • auto-zvbi through ffmpeg, vlc, xawtv
  • auto-zziplib through milkytracker, mpd
  • boost1.83 through aegisub, gnuradio, supercollider
  • db5.3-rm through jack-audio-connection-kit, jackd2, moc
  • fuse-to-fuse3 through osspd, qemu
  • gnome-shell-45 through budgie-desktop
  • haskell through haskell-alsa-core, haskell-alsa-mixer, xmobar, xmonad-extras
  • libsoup3 through gnuais, gsequencer
  • llvm-14-rm through firefox, firefox-esr, nvidia-cuda-toolkit
  • llvm-defaults-16 through thunderbird
  • ocaml through liquidsoap, ocaml-alsa
  • pcre3-to-pcre2 through kodi, mpd
  • perl-5.38 through xmms2
  • python3.12-add through audiotools, brltty, pyalsaaudio, python-pyalsa, xmms2
  • python3.12-default through alsa-lib, bespokesynth, gensio, gnuradio, kodi, nvidia-cuda-toolkit, obs-studio, python-rtmidi, quisk
  • qtbase-abi-5-15-12 through lmms, mediastreamer2, qtmultimedia-opensource-src, qtwebengine-opensource-src
  • rust through chromium, firefox, firefox-esr, qwertone, rust-alsa-sys, rust-speakersafetyd, thunderbird