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Dependency level 1 (build logs RC bugs)amd64arm64armelarmhfi386mips64elppc64elriscv64s390x
libzip[build logs] (1.7.3-1) [ma:same]
Dependency level 2 (build logs RC bugs)amd64arm64armelarmhfi386mips64elppc64elriscv64s390x
ark[build logs] (4:23.08.1-2)
concordance[build logs] (1.5-3)
dsda-doom[build logs] (0.27.5+dfsg-1)
ebook-tools[build logs] (0.2.2-6)
elektroid[build logs] (3.0.1-1)
fuse-zip[build logs] (0.5.0-1)
gimagereader[build logs] (3.4.2-2)
ideviceinstaller[build logs] (1.1.1-1)
idevicerestore[build logs] (1.0.0-3)
ignition-fuel-tools[build logs] (7.0.0+ds-3) [ma:same]
kchmviewer[build logs] (8.0-2)
lib3mf[build logs] (1.8.1+ds-4) [ma:same]
libsigrok[build logs] (0.5.2-5) [ma:same]
mgba[build logs] (0.10.2+dfsg-1) [ma:same]
mysql-workbench (sid only)[build logs] (8.0.32+dfsg-2)
openrct2[build logs] (0.4.8+ds-1)
php8.2[build logs] (8.2.16-2)
pstoedit[build logs] (4.00-1) [ma:same]
qgis[build logs] (3.34.4+dfsg-1)
radare2 (sid only)[build logs] (5.5.0+dfsg-1) [ma:same]
sc-im[build logs] (0.8.3+ds-3)
searchmonkey[build logs] (0.8.3-1.1)
sogo (sid only)[build logs] (5.9.1-1)
transfuse[build logs] (0.5.8-1)
viking[build logs] (1.10-2)
xournalpp[build logs] (1.2.2-2)
xtrkcad[build logs] (1:5.2.0Beta2.1-1)
Dependency level 3 (build logs RC bugs)amd64arm64armelarmhfi386mips64elppc64elriscv64s390x
okular[build logs] (4:23.08.1-2)
openscad[build logs] (2021.01-6)