Debian Release Management

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Release standards (RC bugs)

What they are for packages
What they are for architectures
Which of them aren't being met
Architecture status
Freeze policy
Unblock requests FAQ

Recent stable release updates

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Key release dates

The release date for Debian 13 "trixie" hasn't been decided yet.

Suite update policy

Fast response for security updates. Minor updates include security and other important fixes only. Major updates are sourced from testing, and are infrequent, but large.
Security updates are irregular and unreliable. Release standards are almost continually met. Updates are automatically sourced from unstable, happen four times each day and are usually small.
Security updates are made by the maintainer; they may not be effective on all architectures, and may be delayed. Packages uploaded may not meet release standards, but any breakage is expected to be fixed promptly. Updates are made by maintainers.
Packages that are not suitable for widespread use yet. They may or may not meet release standards, as it is commonly used as a staging area for uploads to unstable. Updates are made by maintainers.