trixie candidate release architecture criteria

This is the canonical list of criteria for an architecture to be considered as a candidate release architecture. This only affects architectures already in unstable; the criteria for an architecture to be considered for unstable are set by the ftp-masters and are not covered by this document. Text marked in italic is considered as additional explanations and for border-line cases.

Note that this document lists general requirements, which are mostly independent of the actual release. The release team may also have other requirements for a given release (like what default compiler is used). Those "per-release" requirements are instead communicated to the porters via the debian-ports@lists.d.o alias.

Exceptions for individual points on this list may be given to an existing architecture by the release team if justification is provided.

In essence, these requirements exist to ensure that the port is in good enough shape and sufficiently well-supported that

These criteria are:

The release team will give any port multiple warnings with verbose explanaition, if the ports starts to fail any of these criteria, before taking any action.