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Dependency level 1 (build logs RC bugs)amd64arm64armelarmhfi386mips64elmipselppc64els390x
fluidsynth[build logs] (2.2.4-2) [ma:same]
Dependency level 2 (build logs RC bugs)amd64arm64armelarmhfi386mips64elmipselppc64els390x
alure[build logs] (1.2-8) [ma:same]
ardour[build logs] (1:6.9.0+ds0-1)
audacious-plugins[build logs] (4.0.5-2) [ma:same]
buzztrax[build logs] (0.10.2-7.1)
calf[build logs] (0.90.3-1)
csound[build logs] (1:6.16.2~dfsg-1) [ma:same]
denemo[build logs] (2.5.0-1)
fluidsynth-dssi[build logs] (1.0.0-8)
freewheeling[build logs] (0.6.4-1.1)
gst-plugins-bad1.0[build logs] (1.18.5-1) [ma:same]
kodi-audiodecoder-fluidsynth[build logs] (19.0.1+ds1-1)
libdrumstick[build logs] (2.4.1-1) [ma:same]
libsdl2-mixer[build logs] (2.0.4+dfsg1-4) [ma:same]
libtritonus-java[build logs] (20070428-14.1)
lmms[build logs] (1.2.2+dfsg1-2)
minuet[build logs] (21.08.0-1)
mpd[build logs] (0.23.4-1)
muse[build logs] (4.0.0-1)
pianobooster[build logs] (1.0.0-2)
qsynth[build logs] (0.9.4-1)
scummvm[build logs] (2.5.0+dfsg1-1)
sdl-mixer1.2[build logs] (1.2.12-17) [ma:same]
swami[build logs] (2.2.2-1) [ma:same]
tuxguitar[build logs] (1.2-25)
vlc[build logs] (3.0.16-1) [ma:same]
Dependency level 3 (build logs RC bugs)amd64arm64armelarmhfi386mips64elmipselppc64els390x
doomsday[build logs] (2.3.1+ds1-1)
prboom-plus[build logs] (2:2.6.1um-1)