Version in base suite: 149

Version in overlay suite: 149+deb10u1

Base version: partman-auto_149

Target version: partman-auto_149+deb10u1

Base files: partman-auto_149_mipsel.udeb

Target files: partman-auto_149+deb10u1_mipsel.udeb

Templates files: lines which differ

Template: partman-auto/cap-ram
Type: string
Default: 1024
Description: for internal use; can be preseeded
Cap RAM size to specified size in MB, when calculating the swap
partition size. Defaults to 1024, meaning 1GB, and since swap is
maximum 200% of RAM in the default recipes, it results in swap
partitions to be capped at 2GB. To revert to previous behaviour of
uncapped swap size with respect to available ram, preseed this key to
any string, e.g. partman-auto/cap-ram=false
Template: partman-auto/automatically_partition