Contributing to the development of britney2ΒΆ

If you are interested in improving britney, you can obtain the source code via:

git clone
# Additional tests
git clone

You will need some packages to run britney and the test suites:

# Runtime dependencies
apt install python3 python3-apt python3-yaml
# Test dependencies
apt install python3-pytest libclass-accessor-perl rsync
# Documentation generator
apt install python3-sphinx
# AMQP integration for autopkgtest policy (optional runtime dependency)
apt install python3-amqplib

Britney has some basic unit tests, which are handled by py.test. It also has some larger integration tests (from the britney2-tests repo). Running the tests are done via:

cd britney2
# Basic unit tests
# Integration tests
rm -fr ./test-out/
../britney2-tests/bin/runtests ./ ../britney2-tests/t ./test-out

The runtests command in britney2-tests supports running only a subset of the tests. Please see its --help output for more information.

There are also some heavier tests based on some snapshots of live data from Debian. The data files for these are available in the live-data submodule of the britney2-tests repo. They consume quite a bit of disk space and britney will need at least 1.3GB of RAM to process them.

Documentation is handled by sphinx and can be built via:

make html